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5 Garden Weeding Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Weeding is a chore that many gardeners dread. But removing unwanted plants from your garden is much easier when you have the right tools for the job. This article will introduce you to the five tools you’ll need to make weeding easier than ever before.

5 Tools to Make Weeding Easier

The Top 5 Weeding Tools You Need to Buy

Regardless of the task at hand, having the best tools available will make your work much easier. The five tools below will help you any time you need to weed one of your garden beds. As you’ll soon see, each of these tools has a specific application. Read on to learn which ones will be most useful for you.

Long Handled Grub Hoe

If you need to remove a lot of weeds from a relatively large area, then a grub hoe is what you need. While this tool is not the best for precision weeding, it will save you a lot of time if weeds have overtaken a large part of your garden.

This weeding tool has a straightforward design that has made it a popular garden tool for a long time. Grub hoes generally consist of a long handle with a straight blade at the end. Those simple components make grub hoes a reliable and easy-to-use tool for any large weeding job.

How to Use a Grub Hoe

To use a grub hoe, begin by gripping it with one hand at the end of the handle and your dominant hand about one-third down the handle from that end. Make sure that the blade is facing down towards the ground.

Raise the blade to chest height or lower, then use a chopping motion to sink the blade into the earth. Plunge the blade deep enough to get below the roots of the plant you wish to remove. Then use a pulling motion to lift those plants out of the soil. Along with being useful for weeding large areas, grub hoes are also a fantastic option if you want to remove turf areas.

Best Product

There are few products in this category as reliable as the Ashman Garden Hoe. This model has a carbon steel blade that performs well even after prolonged use.

Hand Trowel or Garden Knife

A hand trowel is another classic weeding tool that you should not overlook. These items are nothing more than miniature shovels that you can comfortably hold and use with a single hand. Any time you want to selectively remove weeds one at a time, a hand trowel is one of the top tools you can use.

While a hand trowel may be one of the most recognizable weeding tools, a garden knife may be a better option for some. Also known as hori hori knives, garden knives perform the same job as hand trowels and more. The overall shape of this tool resembles a simple blade. But that blade often proves to be multi-functional by including both straight and serrated edges and other helpful features.

How to Use a Hand Trowel or Garden Knife

When weeding, the technique for using a hand trowel or garden knife is essentially the same. Focus on individual plants. Then insert your tool into the soil near the base of the stem. Then lift your tool to loosen the soil and reveal the plant’s roots.

Remember that these weeding tools work similarly to how shovels do. So, if you are struggling to remove a particularly persistent weed, try digging from all angles to make that weed easier to pull. Additionally, whether you use a hand trowel or a garden knife, keep the blade of your garden tool sharp to get the best results.

Best Product

The Nisaku Authentic Hori Hori Weeding and Digging Knife has a stainless steel blade that is over seven inches long. Use it to dig out weeds or cut through stems with the serrated edge.

Weeding Sickle

A weeding sickle is another hand-held tool that can make your weeding much easier. A weeding sickle typically has a wooden handle and a thin metal shaft that holds a blade. Much like a standard sickle that farmers have used for centuries, a hand-held weeding sickle has a curved or L-shaped form.

Unlike a garden knife or hand trowel, a weeding sickle’s blade can be sharp. That fine edge is what allows weeding sickles to cut through the earth and any tough roots or weed stalks.

How to Use a Weeding Sickle

You can use a weeding sickle for several purposes. These tools are one of the best options any time the weeds you’re dealing with have tough and fibrous stems or roots. The sharp blade of the sickle will cut through those plant parts with ease making it easier to remove the rest of the plant. You can also use weeding sickles to aerate the soil and remove patches of grass.

To use one of these cutting tools, hold the handle with one hand. Then chop downwards to cut through the soil or the stalks of a weed. Pull the tool back towards you to drag the blade through the earth and remove the weeds in their entirety.

Best Product

The blade of the Truly Garden Sickle Style Hand Weeder Tool is sharp enough to cut through just about any weed. The durable leather sheath that comes with this product makes storage safe and easy.

Hand Rake

A traditional hand rake is a three-pronged metal tool with a wooden handle. Gardeners use these tools to deal with smaller weeds that are comparatively easy to remove. Rather than cutting aggressively into the earth, a hand rake roughs up the first few layers of soil in your garden bed.

As you might expect, hand rakes are best used in small areas. One of the greatest advantages of these tools is that you can use them to weed small plants without harming the ones you want to keep.

How to Use a Hand Rake

Find an area with weeds that are on the smaller side and that don’t have a strong hold on the soil with their roots. Then hold your hand rake in one hand and drag it back towards you across that weeded area

That dragging motion will score the soil and rip through any small roots. It will also help to loosen and aerate the soil, making it easier for your garden plants to spread their roots and absorb more moisture and nutrients.

Best Product

There is no need to go overboard when choosing a hand rake. The Mr. Pen Mini Hand Rake is one of the best options because it is inexpensive but will last longer and work incredibly well for your weeding needs.

Stand Up Weed Puller

Stand-up weed pullers come in many different forms, but they all perform a similar task. These weeding tools usually have long handles and a set of blades or prongs at the end. Despite being a long-handle tool, stand-up weed pullers allow you to select individual plants for removal.

The other great benefit of using a stand-up weed puller is that you won’t need to bend over as much to get unwanted plants out of your garden. That single convenience removes most of the back pain you likely remember from your last weeding job.

How to Use a Stand Up Weed Puller

Stand-up weed pullers will work well in garden beds, but they are especially advantageous for removing weeds from lawn areas. Use your stand-up weed puller with two hands and stab at the weeds that you want to get rid of.

Simpler forms of this tool will require you to use a twisting motion to pull the roots out of the ground. Newer stand-up weed pullers have a lever that you can step on. When you activate that lever, the tool’s blades will clamp down and cut the weed you’ve targeted.

Best Product

The Garden Weasel Step and Twist Hand Weeder is a versatile stand-up weed puller that is very easy to use. With a three-foot length, you won’t need to worry about bending over to pull weeds anymore.

A Few Weeding Tips

Even if you have the best tools you can find, you’ll need to know how to use them if you want the best weeding experience. Knowing your general weeding goals and how to remove individual plants without allowing them to grow back is an excellent place to start. Here are a few general tips that will help improve your weeding skills.

Remove All Parts of the Plant

It’s much easier to remove only the visible, above-ground parts of the weeds in your garden. However, that approach is not the most effective. If you don’t want your weeds to return in the same numbers next year, remove all parts of each plant, including the root system and any seed-bearing parts.

Choose the Right Tool for the Area you Need to Weed

When weeding, always remember to match the tool you choose to use with the task at hand. For instance, when you need to weed a large area, a hand trowel will make the job more laborious and time-consuming than it needs to be. In the same scenario, a grub hoe would make your work much more efficient.

Remember to Mulch

If you don’t want to face countless weeds every season, mulching is one of the best preventative measures you can take. Mulch helps in many ways, including by monitoring soil moisture and temperature. A healthy layer of mulch also makes it much more challenging for weeds to receive the light they need to spring up in your garden.

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Final Thoughts on Garden Weeding Tools

Few people look forward to weeding their gardens. But by using the tools above, you can make that task a bit more bearable. As is the case with any form of garden maintenance, having the ideal tools in hand next time you need to weed is the best way to make that job quick and relatively effortless.

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