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Garden Tower 2 Review: The ULTIMATE Guide

If you are looking for an innovative way to grow your plants, the Garden Tower 2 is worth your consideration. This product comes with several features, all of which work together to provide you with healthy soils and growing space for plenty of your favorite plants. If that sounds intriguing to you, read on. This review will introduce you to everything you need to know about the Garden Tower 2.

Garden Tower 2 Review The ULTIMATE Guide

Garden Tower 2 Product Review

Below you can find a full review of the Garden Tower 2, including details about its features and the greatest benefits of owning this product. But before we get to those, let’s answer a basic question first.

What is the Garden Tower 2?

The Garden Tower 2 is a rotating vertical garden planter. This system includes 50 individual spaces for plants to grow and an inventive design that incorporates a built-in composting system. The Garden Tower 2 also helps you conserve water and put your kitchen scraps to good use, all while growing all the plants you could want.

Main Features of the Garden Tower 2

Now that you have a fundamental understanding of the Garden Tower 2, it’s time to dive into the details of what makes this product stand out. The following sections will introduce you to this fantastic product’s top features

Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project

Central Vermiculture Compost Tube

One of the more intriguing features of the Garden Tower 2 is its compost tube. This tube plays two distinct roles in this growing system.

First, the compost tube is the central component that gives structure to the Garden Tower 2. All planting levels rest on this structural piece.

What’s more compelling is that this tube is hollow to permit vermiculture to take place inside. the compost tube is hollow and meant to be a place for vermicomposting. Through that process and the holes present in the compost tube, the Garden Tower 2 continuously enriches the surrounding soil in which your plants grow.

Rotating Planting Rings

The Garden Tower 2 includes five removable planting rings. These rings surround the compost tube, and each one has ten planting spaces, amounting to room for 50 total plants.

Garden Tower Project

These rings hold the soil in place and allow it to gain nutrients from the compost tube. This gives your plants a readily available supply of healthy fuel so that they can exhibit their healthiest growth.

The planting rings of the Garden Tower 2 can also rotate, which gives you an easy way to access all your plants for ongoing care. This rotational ability also lets you change the position of your plants in relation to the sun based on their light exposure needs.

Built-In Reservoir

One of the features of the Garden Tower 2 that you might miss is the built-in reservoir at the base. This removable drawer sits at the bottom of the tower so that it can collect any excess water that the soil does not absorb.

Whether it rains or you provide more water than your plants need, the Garden Tower 2 will save any excess water for future use. This feature is excellent for anyone who has concerns about their water usage when gardening.

This component of the Garden Tower 2 has a screen attached to the top. That screen helps capture soil and debris so that the water below can remain clean and ready for use once again.

Advantages of the Garden Tower 2

We’ve reviewed the top physical features of the Garden Tower 2. Now, let’s discuss the key advantages that those features produce that make this product a worthy purchase.

Stability and Longevity

The simple construction of the Garden Tower 2 allows it to be incredibly stable. While this system is relatively tall to accommodate the many plants you can grow in it, its shape makes it unlikely to tip or fall over. If you choose a flat area for your Garden Tower 2, it will have no issue staying in place.

All the materials of the Garden Tower 2 are made in the United States, consist of food-grade materials, and have approval from the FDA. These durable plastics are also capable of standing up to significant wear and tear, which makes the Garden Tower 2 a long-lasting system.

Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project

Greater Garden Output

What you may enjoy most about the Garden Tower 2 is its incredible output. It’s difficult to find a growing system that can support 50 plants or more while maintaining a reasonable size.

The vermiculture component of this system adds to your harvest by ensuring your plants have access to the best nutrients. In the end, you’ll enjoy greater yields from your garden than you can expect to receive from competing growing systems.

Ease of Use

Garden Tower Project

Although the features of the Garden Tower 2 are astounding, this product is not at all difficult to use. In fact, once you’ve built your Garden Tower 2, planting and tending your plants will be incredibly easy.

The rotating nature of this system lets you access all your plants easily. Compared to other, more complex growing systems, such as hydroponics, the Garden Tower 2 is completely user-friendly.

Faster Garden Growth

One of the somewhat surprising advantages of the Garden Tower 2 is that it can encourage your plants to grow more quickly. The issue with standard raised garden beds is that many nutrients can settle down into the soil beyond the reach of your plant’s roots.

The Garden Tower 2 resolves this issue by recovering all the nutrients that move through the soil. It then delivers those nutrients back through the system to where your plants can use them.

Efficient Material Use

The final benefit of using the Garden Tower 2 is that it uses garden materials with incredible efficiency. The most noteworthy example of this is the compost tower, into which you can place kitchen scraps and any garden waste that is suitable for vermiculture.

The Garden Tower 2 also cuts down on water use. Rather than allowing unused water to soak into the soil, the compartment at the base of this tower holds extra water so that you can cut down on garden water waste.

Credit: Garden Tower Project via YouTube – click here to watch directly on YouTube

How Do You Set-Up and Use the Garden Tower 2

Since we’ve covered the main features that make this product a worthwhile purchase, let’s move on to some of the more practical aspects of setting up and using the Garden Tower 2.

The Garden Tower 2 is easy to assemble.
The Garden Tower 2 is easy to assemble

Setting Up the Garden Tower 2

While the Garden Tower 2 has plenty of capabilities, its assembly instructions are not all that complex. Here are the steps you’ll follow to set this product up correctly:

  • Ensure all pieces are accounted for before assembly
  • Find a level surface on which to assemble the base
  • Insert the reservoir and screen into the base
  • Build the compost tube from the center of the base
  • Stack the plating rings around the compost tube
  • Attach the tube cap to the top of the tube

After following those easy steps, your Garden Tower 2 will be ready to use.

How to Use the Garden Tower 2

Using the Garden Tower 2 is not difficult either. Here’s what you should do next after finishing the set-up process.

Fill the Garden Tower 2

Begin by filling the planting rings with potting soil. It’s best to fill this cavity in stages while adding water as well. Filling the container while watering helps eliminate air pockets that may cause settling later.

After filling the planting rings, you can fill the center tube with your vermiculture materials. You’ll notice that the soil from the planting rings does not fall into the vermiculture tube. While the tube’s holes are large enough to let nutrients seep into the soil, they remain small enough to keep the materials inside the tower neat and separate.

Add Plants to the Garden Tower 2

Planting in the Garden Tower 2 is a straightforward process, but there are some tips you should know. Generally, it is best to grow larger plants, like tomatoes, in the top planting ring, which has the most space. Also, trailing plants often do better in lower rings but may need nearby ground space into which they can spread.

Overall, planting in the Garden Tower 2 is just like planting in any other kind of planter. With the right quality soil and proper ongoing care, you’ll have no issue raising healthy plants in yours.

Garden Tower 2

Water and Add Compost Materials as Needed

After filling your Garden Tower 2 and adding plants, all that’s left to do is keep up with ongoing maintenance. The two tasks you’ll do most often are watering and adding compost to your tower.

Supply your plants with water-based on their individual preferences. Water from the top and allow the moisture to trickle down through the system. Any excess water will collect in the base for future use. Adding kitchen scraps and other compost materials is as easy as opening the top of the vermiculture tube and tossing them in.

What Amazon Customers Have to Say About the Garden Tower 2

The GT2 has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 from the 118 Amazon customers who have left reviews, with 74% rating it with 5 stars.

Garden Tower 2 Reviews – Pros

Many reviewers raved about the amount of produce they were able to grow even though they lived in an apartment or condo. One reviewer wrote “This tower is IDEAL for apartment dwellers like me, or for anybody who has a lack of space for a garden like those in townhouses and those in houses with tiny backyards.”

Some of the other pros that reviewers mentioned include:

  • the product is Made in the USA
  • easy to assemble
  • the composting feature works great – able to go through a large amount of kitchen waste each week
  • weeding was a breeze and there were very few bugs
  • they have a Facebook group for support
  • excellent customer support

Garden Tower 2 Reviews – Cons

Many of the negative reviews were at least 7 years old and were directed at the first version of this product, the Garden Tower. Evidently, the design of the tower and the compost tube of the first version of the Garden Tower had some issues. Fortunately, the company took that feedback to heart and improved the design with the release of the Garden Tower 2. There are truly very few critical reviews of this product, with some people critical of the high price and that it is ugly looking.

Final Thoughts on our Garden Tower 2 Review

There are few growing systems that are as complete as the Garden Tower 2. As our review shows, this product not only grows plants, it also incorporates vermiculture and offers various other impressive benefits to enhance your gardening experience. We at Wraxly are excited to add the Garden Tower 2 into our garden and enthusiastically give this product 5 Stars. We highly recommend it!

Garden Tower 2

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