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Aqua Joe Garden Hose Review (2023)

I don’t think anyone with a yard, be it covered in lawn or landscaped with plants, hasn’t had a love-hate relationship with the hard-working garden hose. Sure, it fulfills its purpose of transporting water from the spigot to a thirsty plant, and sure beats the alternative of filling up a watering can, but who hasn’t lamented what a pain it is when the water pressure drops because of a kink in the hose? Or struggled maneuvering a heavy hose around the yard, trying not to trash a new flower bed or knock over some patio furniture? Then to top it off you have the unenviable challenge of trying to neatly store the old cumbersome green behemoth after using it.

Well those days are over cuz I’m here to tell you that the Aqua Joe Fiberjacket Pro garden hose is not your father’s hose. There are very things in life that I consider life-changing, but my Aqua Joe hose is at the top of that list. The days of heavy, twisted and kinked garden hoses are over, as you’ll see in this Aqua Joe garden hose review.

Aqua Joe Garden Hose Review [2022]
There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Joe.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll provide in this Aqua Joe garden hose review:

  • First we’ll share the features and benefits that you’ll find useful
  • Next, we’ll take a look at the drawbacks you might need to know about
  • Then, we’ll tell you a bit about the Aqua Joe company
  • And finally we’ll provide a sampling of actual customer reviews to give you better insight into the product.

Sound good? Let’s get started!

Aqua Joe Fiberjacket Pro Hose

Features and Benefits of the Aqua Joe Garden Hose

  • Kink, twist and tangle-free
  • Up to 50% lighter and 3x stronger than conventional hoses
  • BPA-free, lead-free and Phthalate-free, which allows for the claim that it can be used for potable water (great for RVrs)
  • Standard 5/8″ hose diameter
  • Rip resistant fabric – Its abrasion-resistant fabric is safe to use without scuffing up painted surfaces or causing damage to lawn decorations.
  • Superlight
  • Easy storage – Coils easily for compact storage
  • Crush resistant – Rugged, marine grade, high density woven jacket construction surrounding a flexible inner core for maximum durability and performance.  If you step on the hose when you’re using it, you won’t cause permanent damage.
  • Flexible inner core – Maintains flexibility down to 0 degrees F. With its dual-layer design, the hose can take a lot of rough treatment & still stay flexible.
  • 600 PSI burst rated. While a standard 25-foot 5/8″ diameter garden hose will burst at about 200 PSI, the AquaJoe Fiberjacket Pro is burst rated to withstand 600 PSI
  • Solid, crush-proof end grips
  • 2 year warranty
  • Available in 25, 50 and 100-foot lengths
Aqua Joe AJFJH100-58-MAX 100-Ft x 5/8-Inch FiberJacket Hose w/Aluminum Fittings, 100 ft, Heavy Duty Couplings
Aqua Joe Fiberjacket Pro Hose

Special Features (Pros) of the Aqua Joe Garden Hose

Kink, twist and tangle-free. This is the feature that most impressed me. Unwinding the hose from it’s hose reel was nearly effortless because it was so light. With no tangles or kinks, it brought joy back into watering the garden. This joy was only surpassed when it was time to roll-up the hose onto its storage reel. With a regular garden hose this takes quite a bit of effort because you have to fight with the hose to get it to wind properly and evenly around the reel. But with the Aqua Joe Fiberjacket Pro, it was about as effortless as it could be. The secret is in the rip-resistant fabric. When the water pressure drops after turning off the spigot, the walls of the hose compress and flatten. It reminded me of a fireman’s hose.

It’s super-light. The manufacturer boasts that the Aqua Joe is up to 50% lighter than conventional hoses. You can’t appreciate this benefit until you actually use one. When using a conventional hose, they are hard to handle and you have to literally wrestle with the hose to move it where you need to water. Not so with the Aqua Joe!

Drawbacks (Cons) of the Aqua Joe Garden Hose

Aluminum fittings. Aluminum will corrode more quickly than brass when exposed to hard water.

Smaller inner-diameter than a conventional hose. The smaller inner-diameter results in a lower water pressure, which could effect the water coverage of a sprinkler.

Video: Aqua Joe Hose

Credit: Snow Joe + Sun Joe via YouTube – click here to watch directly on YouTube
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About the Aqua Joe Company

Aqua Joe is a USA-based company with corporate headquarters in New Jersey. They have distribution centers throughout the US and Canada. The parent company is Snow Joe, and includes the brands Snow Joe, Sun Joe, and Aqua Joe. The Snow Joe company was founded in 2004. Their other products include battery-powered snow blowers and snow throwers, lighted snow brooms and roof rakes, electric mowers and leaf blowers, pressure washers, watering equipment, tillers, trimmers, hedgers and edgers. 

Aqua Joe Hose Reviews

Looking at the features of a product is great, but to really know how a product will perform it is always best to read reviews from actual consumers who have purchased the product. Here we’ve curated the most common complaints and kudos from product users and reviewers on Amazon.

What Amazon Customers Have to Say About the Aqua Joe Garden Hose

Over 1400 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4 stars.

There were quite a few reviewers who complained of the hose developing a leak or the seam ripping. However, for those who had registered their hose on the Aqua Joe website with a serial number found on the box, getting a replacement was fast and easy. Customer Service is reportedly friendly and eager to help.

Many reviewers echoed my own experience of being pleasantly surprised at how the hose is light and easy to use. Some of the superlatives reviewers used include “by FAR the easiest hose ever to handle”, “I would buy this 100x over”, “Love love love this product”, and “Amazing hose. Worth the price.”

This hose seems to be popular with RV’rs, who appreciate how little space it takes up and its light weight. One reviewer appreciated its “ease of use and easy to drain and wrap up and store.” The hose can be used for potable water, although some reviewers complained of bad tasting water after running through the hose.

There was a surprising number of reviews that were either from senior citizens or from children who purchased this hose for their aging parents because of its light weight and how easy it is to handle and move around.

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Bottom Line

If you’re tired of the heavy and bulky garden hoses you grew up with, then check out these hoses from Aqua Joe. When you water your garden for the first time with one of these hoses, you will have a smile on your face, joy in your heart, and a renewed loved for gardening because these hoses are so enjoyable to use. They bring joy back into gardening and take the drudgery out of watering. In spite of the high number of reports of leaking, as long as you remember to register the serial number that you will find on the packaging on their website, if you do experience a problem, it should be easy to get a replacement. We at Wraxly headquarters feel these are a great product and enthusiastically give the Aqua Joe Fiberjacket Pro hose 5 stars.

Aqua Joe Fiberjacket Pro Garden Hose

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