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US Landscaping Services Market Set to Flourish with a $110.21 Billion Surge by 2027

In a flourishing trend, the US landscaping services market is projected to bloom, growing by a staggering USD 110.21 billion from 2022 to 2027 at a compelling CAGR of 10.47%. Dive into the vibrant tapestry of this dynamic market where nature and business converge.

US Landscaping Services market set to flourish - landscaping services forecast

Company Insights

Aspen Grove Landscape Group LLC: Transforming landscapes through subsidiaries United Lawnscape and T.R. Gear Landscaping, Aspen Grove takes the lead in providing top-notch landscaping services.

BrightView Holdings Inc.: With a focus on national snow removal management, BrightView Holdings Inc. stands out as a key player, ensuring landscapes remain pristine even in the harshest winters.

Ferrandino and Son Inc.: Specializing in land maintenance and irrigation management, Ferrandino and Son Inc. contribute significantly to the ever-evolving canvas of landscaping services.

Market Dynamics

Growing Interest in Gardening: A major driver propelling the market forward is the burgeoning interest in gardening among end-users. As individuals embrace the therapeutic benefits of gardening, the demand for landscaping services experiences a notable uptick.

Technological Advancements: Embracing innovation, the landscaping services industry witnesses a key trend with continuous technological advancements. These innovations not only enhance efficiency but also redefine the standards of service delivery.

Stringent Regulations: However, amidst the bloom, the industry faces challenges in the form of stringent regulations on landscaping services. Navigating these regulatory waters becomes imperative for companies aiming to thrive.

Market Segmentation

Commercial vs. Household: Segmented into commercial and household, the market experiences a significant surge in the commercial sector. Recognizing the impact of well-maintained outdoor spaces on customer and employee impressions, companies invest in landscaping services. This segment caters to diverse clients, from corporate offices and hotels to hospitals and government buildings.

Sustainable Practices: Notably, the trend of sustainable lawn maintenance practices gains traction. The use of native plants and water conservation techniques align with construction codes and regulations, driving the demand for commercial landscaping services.

TL;DR – Landscaping Services Forecast

The US landscaping services market is set to witness remarkable growth, soaring by USD 110.21 billion by 2027. Key players like Aspen Grove, BrightView Holdings, and Ferrandino and Son are shaping the industry landscape. With a focus on commercial spaces, the market embraces technological trends but grapples with stringent regulations. The surge in interest in gardening, coupled with sustainable practices, propels the commercial segment forward, creating a vibrant tapestry in the landscaping services sector.

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