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The most stain-resistant and colorful grow bags on the market!

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Looking for a fun and stylish way to garden? Look no further than Wraxly fabric grow bags! These two-tone beauties come in a variety of colors and are stain resistant, making them perfect for gift giving. Plus, they’re lightweight and easy to move around, so you can garden wherever you please.

Colorful 5-pack with bonus bag

  • Any backyard or balcony gardener will love these durable grow bags.
  • The multi-color 5-pack comes bundled in a black BONUS grow bag, and is sealed in a clear poly bag to keep your bags clean.
  • Perfect for gift-giving. Just add a bow and it’s ready to go!
  • Does Dad love to garden? These are great to give as a Father’s Day gift.
Wraxly grow bags


Each package contains these 5 colors: burgundy, gray, tan, sand, and green


What distinguishes Wraxly's premium grow bags from the competition?

Features of Wraxly grow bags

Stain-Resistant Design

Why are our grow bags less prone to staining than other brands? It’s our unique design that protects the colorful fabric with a waterproof liner. This prevents water from draining through the sides and staining the fabric.

Grow bag with stains with forbidden sign
Wraxly grow bags have a waterproof liner that directs water down through the aeration zone at bottom
Infographic of Wraxly grow bag features

Focus on quality

Our premium bags have been manufactured to the highest standards and finished with details that show that we care:

  • Hemmed top lip – many of our competitors leave the top of their bags un-hemmed, causing them to feel rough and look unfinished. Our bags are finished with a hemmed top lip, which makes them smooth, more pleasant to use and nicer to look at  
  • Double-stitching for strength and durability
  • Thicker fabric: Our 2mm non-woven fabric is thicker than what most competitors use, extending the life of our bags and the value for your money
  • Non-woven handles: Our felt handles are made with the same non-woven material as the bag for strength and comfort


Wraxly grow bags are made of 2mm nonwoven fabric, which is thick enough that they stand straight when empty, freeing your hands and making planting a breeze. The nonwoven material of our bags is 100% eco-friendly and is certified AZO-free.

Absolutely! Any backyard or balcony gardener will love these durable grow bags. The multi-color 5-pack comes bundled in a 2 gallon black grow bag, and is sealed in a clear poly bag to keep your bags clean.

With proper care, your Wraxly fabric grow bags will last for many years. At the end of the growing season, empty the bag of all growing material and let dry for 24 hours. Then use a brush to remove any remaining soil or roots. The bag can then be folded flat and stored away in a dry area. Do your bags need freshening up? Read our cleaning instructions for washing your fabric grow bags.

Absolutely! That is one of the benefits of using a fabric grow bag. Our bags are more durable than other, cheaper brands on the market. This means a Wraxly grow bag will last many growing seasons without ripping or tearing.

An advantage of fabric grow bags is you can’t over-water your plants because the fabric is water permeable, meaning water will run out the sides. One disadvantage is the water will pick up dirt from the growing material in the bag and as the water permeates through the fabric, an unsightly stain will be left on the outside of the bag. Other manufacturers use black nonwoven fabric for their grow bags so that the stains are harder to see. Wraxly grow bags are designed with a waterproof liner that protects the colorful fabric we use in our grow bags, directing water downward to better replicate growing in the ground.  

Yes! Wraxly grow bags give you the best of both worlds. The color zone on top is lined with a waterproof material that protects the colorful fabric. The black zone doesn’t have the waterproof lining, so roots will still be air pruned when they reach this part of the bag.

  • The color zone on top is lined with a waterproof liner that directs water down towards the roots. Other fabric bags cause water waste due to water draining out the sides. Our superior design naturally prevents dry pockets and allows the soil to dry from the top down.
  • Our unique design directs water downward, thereby reducing excess water loss. By extending the time between waterings, there is less chance of creating undue stress on your plants. 
  • Our nonwoven fabric provides excellent drainage and allows your roots to breathe. This prevents mildew growth and promotes healthy soil microbes. 
  • When a root reaches the side of the bag, the root tip will stop growing and instead send out smaller rootlets. This fibrous root structure will enable the plant to take in more water and nutrients.

All of these features contribute to bigger, healthier, and happier plants. 

What Some of our Customers Say

These are very good looking bags make of thick felt. The colors in the set are beautiful and I was surprised at their quality when I got them. I'll use them for plants in the Spring but right now they're being used for storage and carry groceries. I might have to get another set for the plants now that I see how useful they are and how nice they look in my house.
Claire M.
These are great bags! Nice and thick. For my citrus trees, I needed something that would breathe and dry more quickly than a pot and these were just the ticket! Since these trees are indoors, I do use a tray under them to prevent the moisture from causing problems with my floors, but they're definitely more attractive than a standard black or solid color bag.
A perfect gift for my mother who is an avid gardener with a green thumb. Versatile too as these bags are cute and stylish and can be used for multi-purposes. A convenient way to transfer bigger plants between outdoors and indoors for the winter, without having to break your back carrying a giant ceramic pot.
Ella Harris

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