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Kits de cultivo de hongos: reseñas y guía de compra

Most edible gardens consist of easy-to-grow fruits and vegetables. While these plants can produce great harvests, there is another approach to cultivating ingredients for your kitchen. Growing mushrooms is both fun and rewarding and is a practice you can take up with ease.

There are many edible mushroom varieties, and the best way to start growing them is to use a mushroom grow kit. These kits supply you with the materials and instructions you need to produce a mushroom harvest in your home.

If you are interested in growing mushrooms in your home, finding the right grow kit will set you on the right track from the get-go. This article will introduce you to a few of the best options that you should consider.

Reseñas y guía de compra de kits de cultivo de hongos
Oysters don’t just grow in the ocean…

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7 Best Mushroom Grow Kits

Mushroom grow kits come in several varieties, each with its own valuable features. As someone shopping for such a kit, you need to have a good idea of what those features can do for you. The descriptions below help you understand what these 7 best mushroom grow kits can offer.

North Spore Mushroom Grow Kits

North Spore Golden Oyster Mushroom Spray & Grow Kit (4 lbs) | Beginner Friendly & Easy to Use | Grow Your Own Gourmet Mushrooms at Home | Handmade in Maine, USA

  • The golden oyster mushroom (Pleurotus citrinopileatus) is an Asian species popular with hobbyist growers for the gorgeous yellow color of the caps and the versatile, cashew-like flavor. It is also relatively easy to grow and can produce huge crops, Golden oyster mushrooms are a good way to add a lot of flavor and texture without adding a lot of calories.
  • Perfect for chefs, cooks, hobbyists, and gardeners. Our kits are designed to be easy enough for beginners but robust enough for anyone who loves mushrooms and wants to grow them indoors at home. These kits can be grown and harvested any time of the year.
  • Each kit contains a block of growing substrate pre-populated with with mushroom mycelium, a sprayer for watering and complete easy to follow instructions on growing and harvesting your mushroom crop. First flush success guaranteed

North Shore stands out as one of the most reliable brands in the mushroom grow kit industry. The company offers kits that appeal to a broad audience as they are easy for beginners to use while giving enough variety for experienced mushroom enthusiasts.

North Spore Mushroom Grow Kits come in many varieties that allow you to select just about any oyster mushroom variety that you can imagine. Included among those varieties are golden oyster mushrooms, blue oyster mushrooms, lion’s mane oyster mushrooms, and more. Each of those kits comes with a spray bottle to help you maintain the right humidity for your mushrooms.

2funguys Shiitake Plug Spawn Starter Kit

Shiitake mushrooms are among the most popular mushrooms around, and the 2funguys Shiitake Plug Spawn Starter Kit gives you a perfect chance to grow your own. But in buying this kit, you are not only getting the chance to grow delicious mushrooms, but you also enjoy fantastic user support.

That support is just one example of how this company caters to jardineros principiantes to give them the best possible mushroom growing experience. This kit also comes with a detailed instruction guide that will help even the least experienced mushroom grower find success.

Forest Origins Specialty Trio Mushroom Grow Kit

Consider this option to be a bit of a variety pack. With the Forest Origins Specialty Trio Mushroom Grow Kit, you will get a set of three mushroom growing kits. The types of mushrooms included in the kit are brown, white, and pink oyster mushrooms.

The inclusion of multiple mushroom types means that this set is ideal for anyone who can’t seem to settle on a single type of mushroom to grow. Along with that, this kit also makes for a great gift for anyone you know who is looking to expand their mushroom growing hobby.

Back to the Roots Organic Mini Mushroom Grow Kit

There are few outcomes worse than finding that your mushrooms have failed to mature despite your best efforts. But thanks to the Back to the Roots Organic Mini Mushroom Grow Kit, growing a healthy mushroom crop indoors is easier than ever. This product claims to yield mature mushrooms in just ten days.

The manufacturer also gives a guarantee that the kit you buy will grow mushrooms. In addition to those promises, this mushroom grow kit is also an eco-friendly option as all parts of this kit are both organic and GMO-free. 

Virgenu 12 Jars Mushroom Growing Kit

El Virgenu 12 Jars Mushroom Growing Kit is a kit that is perfect for an experienced mushroom grower that wants to increase the scale of their harvest. To achieve this, this kit includes 12 individual jars in which you can grow your mushrooms. That will allow you to grow more mushrooms than ever before, but it is not the only benefit of selecting this product.

This mushroom grow kit also comes with several supporting features that will help you carry out all aspects of mushroom care. For example, the package includes a gauge that monitors the temperature and humidity of your mushroom’s growing area. That feature and more permit you to take a comprehensive approach to grow mushrooms in your home.

Root Mushroom Farm All-In-One Gourmet Mushroom Growing Kit

The best kits are the ones that come with all the tools you need without requiring you to make additional purchases. When it comes to mushroom grow kits, the Root Mushroom Farm All-In-One Gourmet Mushroom Growing Kit offers you just about everything you could need. 

While this kit will meet all your needs, the other benefit it holds is that it has a straightforward design and is very easy to use. When you receive your package, you’ll get your mushroom log, as well as a humidity tent and a spray bottle. With those tools alone, you will have no problem growing your mushrooms.

Dave Mushroom Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit Log

Buying the Dave Mushroom Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit Log is a purchase you can feel good about. This company is a small family-owned United States business that dedicates itself to the production of healthy organic mushrooms. They strive for that goal while offering products at a reasonable price.

Their kit includes all-natural materials that are entirely non-GMO and organic. The log itself consists of nothing more than sawdust from oaks and other trees.  To make matters even better, this kit will include a detailed guide that will supply you with a series of step-by-step mushroom-growing instructions. After following those steps, you’ll be enjoying some nutrient-rich mushrooms in no time.

A Few Mushroom Growing Tips

After you find the best mushroom grow kit, you should also take some time to learn the best mushroom growing techniques. To help you begin, here are a few of the best mushroom growing tips that we have for beginners.

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Avoid Direct Sunlight

When growing your mushrooms, you should always avoid putting them in direct sunlight. While some indirect light is permissible, direct light will kill your mushrooms. For this reason, it is a good idea to put your mushrooms in an interior room where there is not too much daily light. 

Measure Temperature and Humidity

Temperature and humidity are both important to growing mushrooms. To ensure that you are meeting the correct amounts of both, you should find a way to measure the temperature and humidity in the air surrounding your mushrooms. Some of the best grow kits will include gauges for that purpose.

Before you select a mushroom growing kit, you should become familiar with some of the most popular mushrooms that you can grow. There are many edible mushroom varieties, and each one comes with its own flavor and appearance. To help you get acquainted with your options, here is a list of some common edible mushroom varieties you can grow:

  • Oyster mushrooms
  • Shiitake
  • Enoki
  • Portobello

Mushroom Grow Kit FAQs

Before we wrap up this article, let’s round out your mushroom grow kit knowledge by answering some common mushroom-related questions that are frequently asked in the gardening community.

How Long Does it Take to Grow Mushrooms?

The amount of time it takes to grow mushrooms will vary depending on the variety and the growing conditions. However, in general, it does not take very long for mushrooms to mature. Typically, it can take about 10 to 15 weeks before you have a mushroom worth harvesting.

What Conditions Are Best for Growing Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are easy to grow, but they have some very specific requirements. Most importantly, mushrooms should grow in an environment that is humid and has a temperature between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The growing medium for mushrooms should be moist and have a high amount of organic matter.

Can You Use a Mushroom Kit More than Once?

One of the best aspects of mushroom grow kits is that they often work more than once. After harvesting your first mushroom crop, you can re-moisten the kit and wait for the next crop to grow. Often, a single kit will give you two or more healthy mushroom harvests.

Where Should I Put My Mushroom Kit?

Finding the perfect location for your mushroom kit can be a challenge. While these fungi can grow in darker areas, they do not need to be in complete darkness. Instead, they can grow well in indirect light. But keep in mind that direct sunlight can be fatal for your mushrooms.

For that reason, it is important to find an indoor area that has the ideal amount of daily light. Often, an interior room will work well. Or you can place your mushrooms near a window, just close enough to receive indirect light. That light condition, along with proper soil moisture and humidity, will make your mushroom growing project a success.

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