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Revolutionizing Smartphone Accessories: iGreen Cover® Unveils the World’s First Plantable iPhone Case!

In a world flooded with plastic waste, where every new gadget comes wrapped in layers of non-recyclable material, a glimmer of hope has emerged. Meet iGreen Cover®, the Italian innovation that is set to transform the way we think about smartphone cases. More than just a protector, it’s a statement—a statement for a greener, more sustainable future.

Revolutionizing Smartphone Accessories: iGreen Cover® Unveils the World’s First Plantable iPhone Case!

Less Plastic, More Life

The iGreen Cover® is not your ordinary iPhone case. It’s a revolutionary blend of technology, nature, and conscious living. Crafted from fully compostable material, this cover is not just eco-friendly—it’s a game-changer. The material is not only certified but also patented, proudly bearing the “100% Made in Italy” label. The global patent pending status (application n. PCT/IB2023/058667) is a testament to its uniqueness.

A Post-Consumer Experience Like Never Before

What sets iGreen Cover® apart is its ability to bring the cover to life after use. Made with materials that contain seeds, once planted, the cover decomposes, releasing these seeds into the soil. It’s not just a cover; it’s a mini garden waiting to flourish. With three vibrant colors—green, light blue, and yellow—each corresponding to a different seed, iGreen Cover® allows users to choose their favorite and personalize their planting experience.

The Mission: Raising Environmental Awareness

Behind the creation of iGreen Cover® is a mission—to raise awareness about the environmental impact of non-recoverable plastic covers. Did you know that over 20,000 tons of such plastic are introduced into the market annually just for smartphone covers? A staggering 1 billion covers are sold worldwide each year, contributing to an environmental crisis that cannot be ignored. It’s time for a change, and iGreen Cover® is leading the way.

The Unique Material: A Result of Research and Development

Two years of dedicated research and development led to the creation of the unique material that defines iGreen Cover®. Based on corn starch, this material not only provides the strength and flexibility needed to protect mobile devices but also ensures true compostability. The seeds within the material find nourishment in the cornstarch, speeding up the decomposition process.

Italian Patent: Where Innovation Meets Tradition

iGreen Cover® proudly carries an Italian patent, showcasing the country’s commitment to innovation. The patented Seed Release System allows users to witness flowers and plants sprouting within days of planting the cover. The live seeds within the material itself further contribute to the eco-friendly cycle, turning a once-used cover into a source of life for new plants.

Credit: iGreen Gadgets via YouTube – click here to watch directly on YouTube

Immediate Sprouting: A Unique Experience

One might wonder, how long does it take for the seeds inside the cover to sprout? The answer is just a few days! The Seed Release System ensures immediate germination when the cover is planted at a 30° angle. A special film protects the seeds within the cover until it dissolves upon contact with soil and moisture, kickstarting the growth of flowers and plants.

Final Thoughts on the iGreen Gadgets iPhone Cover

iGreen Cover® is not just a smartphone accessory; it’s a statement about our responsibility towards the planet. It’s a call for change, a pledge for a sustainable future—one smartphone case at a time. Say goodbye to plastic waste and embrace the iGreen revolution. After all, with iGreen Cover®, it’s not just a cover; it’s a promise of life. Purchase directly on their website.

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