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How to Grow Strawberries in Grow Bags (Level 101)

Strawberries are extremely easy to grow. They don’t require much maintenance and are one of the best plants to grow in grow bags. Growing your strawberries in grow bags provides several advantages over terra cotta or plastic pots and they can fit easily on your patio or balcony. While there is some basic care involved, growing your own strawberries can be a fun and relaxing hobby.

If the thought of having your own strawberry home garden seems tempting, read on to find out all you need to know about how to grow strawberries in grow bags, after which I will share a couple of tips for growing strawberries indoors.

About strawberries – What are strawberries?

Strawberries are fruit that comes from a small flowering plant called Fragaria. The so called “fruit” is actually an enlarged flower called an achene. The name “strawberry” comes from the small “straw” shape of the achenes. They are among the most popular of all small fruit. Strawberries are distinguished from other strawberry varieties in that they have a thin, white layer on the exterior of the berry. It is this layer that makes them float when picked.

The strawberry is classified as an annual plant and thrives best in a sunny location with lots of sun and rich soil. In a grow bag, strawberries can also be grown year round.

Can I grow strawberries in a grow bag?

Planting your strawberries in grow bags is likely to provide the best chances of success. Grow bags are made of fabric and provide just the right environment for plants to flourish. All you need to do is give them fertile, rich soil and a sunny placement.

How many strawberry plants per grow bag?

It is very important to plant the right number of strawberry plants in your grow bag so that your plants have the best chance of growing well. Strawberry plants are usually small and will easily fit in your grow bag. While you may be tempted to plant more in your grow bag, you must remember that like most plants, strawberry plants like to have the space to grow.

To ensure that you have good, strong plants, you can plant 3 to 4 plants in a bag. This is important so that each of your plants gets the required volume of soil.

It is imperative that there is no overcrowding. If you do plant more strawberry plants in your grow bag, they may grow lush and green, but they are likely to provide fewer strawberries.

Strawberries in a basket
Photo by Heather Barnes on Unsplash

The best grow bags for strawberries

Once you have decided to grow your strawberries in a grow bag, you need to look for the best one. The best grow bags for strawberries are made of fabric. These bags are breathable, and allows good air circulation.

A grow bag with a waterproof liner will keep water from leaking through the sides. You may have to move your grow bag, so look for one that has sturdy handles. Wraxly fabric grow bags with their two-tone design and waterproof lining makes an ideal choice.

What size grow bag for strawberries?

There is a variety of bag sizes to choose from that come in various sizes and materials. Generally, the bags below two gallons are suitable for smaller plants that do not grow taller than 9.5 inches. Do not assume that a bigger grow bag will grow more strawberries. Also, keep in mind the space you have for the strawberry grow bag.

For your strawberries, you can choose between the five and eight-gallon sizes. Either of these will give each of your strawberry plants sufficient space to grow and more soil nutrients per plant.

What month is best to plant strawberries?

The best time to plant strawberries is early spring, often March or April. The winter months are not a good time to plant strawberries as the ground is cold and wet. You can purchase fresh runners or those available in cold storage. Strawberry plants generally bear fruit two months after planting. 

What kind of soil is best for strawberries?

Strawberries need rich soil that has sufficient amounts of organic matter and some acidic pH. The ideal pH range is 6.5 to 7. The best soil for your strawberries to grow well in your grow bag is a gardening mix as long as it is well drained. It usually has several materials mixed together to promote circulation, ensure drainage, and hold water. For best results, make sure that the soil is organically enriched and has a high content of organic matter. Compost or rotted manure should be added to the growing medium at a ratio of about one part compost to four parts soil.

How many years does a strawberry plant last?

A strawberry plant starts its life when a new plant is grown and reaches its peak in two or three years. If you keep your strawberry plants in ideal conditions, they can live for five or six years. Unfortunately, your strawberry plants will not last forever, and you will have to replace them after a few years.

Do strawberry plants continue to produce fruit?

Strawberry plants generally continue to produce fruit for five years. Often the initial two years will yield more fruit and then the quantity will start becoming less due to reasons such as diseases or pests. However, with suitable care, you can expect to continue getting fruit for five years.

Can you eat first-year strawberries?

Your strawberry plant may take a year to start producing fruit, but it may be somewhat sparse and sporadic. You can certainly eat your strawberries the first year.

What is the best container to grow strawberries in?

You can choose between four kinds of containers to grow strawberries. These include grow bags, individual pots, strawberry planters and hanging baskets. While each of these containers has its own advantages and disadvantages, more and more people are choosing grow bags.

When thinking about how to grow strawberries in a grow bag, remember that grow bags are most likely to give you a successful strawberry growing experience. They provide a large volume of soil for each plant and require less watering as they keep the soil moist evenly.   

Where to get strawberry seeds?

Where to get strawberry seeds?
Photo by PAGAL PAGAL on Unsplash

If you are a first-time strawberry planter, you can buy strawberry seeds from a nursery, your local gardening store or online. You can also harvest your own seeds though you may need to find out more about the process first. However, the most convenient option is to buy seedlings from the nursery.

Strawberry plants often spread through runners. Once you have your strawberry grow bag garden up and running, you can continue to get new plants simply by clipping these.


Is potting soil good for strawberries?

Strawberries grow best in organically rich, well-drained soil. You can use potting soil mixed with compost before placing it in your strawberry grow bag. To improve your soil quality further and add additional nutrients, add 10% each of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

For Further Reading

How often should I water my strawberry plants?

Strawberry plants in grow bags may require frequent watering. Water your plants until the water starts draining out from the bottom of the bag. However, water only when the soil feels dry on touching.

The plants do need a lot of water; however, the roots are likely to rot if they get too much. You may need to water more often during the summer as the water will dry out sooner.

Do strawberries come back every year?

Strawberry plants may be ever-bearing or June-bearing. The first kind will continue to give you fruit over the summer months. The June-bearing will give you one large strawberry crop early in the summer. In either case, it depends on the quality of your seeds or seedlings. Always choose healthy plants and the best strategy is to get yours from a nursery.

Final thoughts on growing strawberries in grow bags

Strawberries are incredibly easy to grow in grow bags: They require minimal maintenance, can be grown on a patio or balcony, and will produce delicious fruit every year. Growing your own strawberries in grow bags is a rewarding hobby and it is simple enough for even the young beginner to learn.

Here are some important tips for growing strawberries indoors:

  • Give your strawberry plants enough light
    Providing enough light for your strawberry plants will be one of the most significant hurdles you face when growing indoors. Strawberries love to receive several hours of direct sunlight each day, and indoors locations rarely provide the amount of light they need.
  • Prepare the Soil for Your Strawberry Plants
    Following sunlight, soil conditions are the next most important influence over the health of your strawberry plants. Whether you grow your plants indoors or outdoors, the soil should be rich with organic nutrients and have great drainage.

Go read the entire step-by-step guide for growing strawberries indoors.

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