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8 Best Compost Bins on the Market (New for 2023)

The benefits of using compost bins are numerous. These bins won’t just give you the chance to create an organically rich amendment for your garden soil. They also help to support a healthy environment by cutting down on your household waste.

No one can deny that composting is a benefit to you and the larger world. And if you want to take part in those positive outcomes, you need the right tools for the job. Most notably, you will need a high-quality compost bin to store your compost.

8 Best Compost Bins on the Market
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Composting is easier than you might think. And finding the right bin will make the process that much easier. That is why this article focuses on showing you some of the best compost bins on the market today.

8 Best Compost Bins on the Market

Each of the compost bins in the list below is a great option for anyone who wishes to begin composting. However, each item also has a few unique traits that make it different than any other product. To learn more about those differences and find the best compost bin for you, read on through the sections below.

1. VIVOSUN Dual Rotating Batch Compost Bin

The VIVOSUN Dual Rotating Batch Compost Bin is one of the best composting bins in any category. This tumbling composter removes all need for digging and moving compost with a pitchfork that a standard compost pile would call for. Instead, the tumbling motion of this bin takes care of all that work.

This bin also comes with a twin-chamber design that permits you to cook compost on one side while adding fresh compost material to the other. This makes for an extremely efficient composting process. The model also comes with vents for outstanding aeration and gardening gloves to add to your comfort as you work.

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2. EJWOX Garden Compost Bin

The EJWOX Garden Compost Bin is another excellent option if tumbling bins are what you desire. This product also includes a dual-chamber design as well as the ideal aeration system to promote the composting process. That system includes an aerated internal bar and thick walls that trap heat inside.

Another remarkable aspect of the EJWOX Garden Compost Bin is that it is incredibly sturdy. It uses a powder-coated steel frame for its base that you can be sure to rely on for years to come. Regarding materials, this bin is also a healthy option as it is completely BPA-free.

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3. SQUEEZE Master Compost Bin

The SQUEEZE Master Compost Bin is a 43-gallon tumbling composting bin that can compete with just about any other bin on the market. This bin has a strong steel frame and modified plastic that allow it to withstand some very cold temperatures.

As is the case with many other leading tumbling compost bins, this one uses a dual-chamber design and BPA-free plastic. These qualities make it so that this tumbling compost bin is not just efficient but also reliable. However, if you have any issues with your SQUEEZE Master Compost Bin, you can make use of the dependable customer support that the manufacturer offers.

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4. Nature’s Footprint Worm Factory 360 Worm Composter

Worm composters are unlike any other form of composting bin. The main difference is that these bins provide a home for worms. Those worms then work to break down the compostable material that you add to the bin. Among all the worm composters out there, the Nature’s Footprint Worm Factory 360 Worm Composter is one of the best.

This worm composter is expandable, going from four total trays to as many as eight trays. That expansion capability gives this composter as much volume as any other that you can find. The Nature’s Footprint Worm Factory 360 Worm Composter also makes it simple to harvest your compost. The lid acts as a convenient stand for the trays as you work to empty them.

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5. Worm Factory Basic Black 3 Tray Worm Composter

To some, the idea of composting using worms is an unfamiliar concept. But while this method may be new to some, it is also very effective and easy to implement. With the Worm Factory Basic Black 3 Tray Worm Composter, that process becomes even easier.

This worm composter is perfect for beginners as the manufacturer designed it to be very straightforward. It comes fully assembled with three stacking trays. You’ll also receive a collection base and a set of instructions to help you get started with your worm composting ventures.

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6. Redmon Since 1883 65 Gallon Compost Bin

If you are searching for a standard stationary compost bin, then the Redmon Since 1883 65 Gallon Compost Bin is one you should evaluate. This bin has a straightforward design that makes it both highly usable and highly durable.

The Redmon Since 1883, 65 Gallon Compost Bin consists of hard plastic material that can stand up to even the most extreme weather events. Access is also something you won’t struggle with, as this bin includes four large access doors that let you retrieve your composted material from all sides.

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7. Exaco 628001 Eco Basic Compost Bin

Here is an option for anyone who wants to do some composting in larger quantities. The Exaco 628001 Eco Basic Compost Bin has an impressive 120-gallon capacity that goes beyond most other compost bins that you can find online.

Along with being relatively large, the Exaco 628001 Eco Basic Compost Bin is also very easy to assemble and use. All you will need to do is snap the sidewalls into place, and your compost bin is just about ready to use. You’ll also find that this stationary composter comes with multiple doors for easy access to the interior compartments. The bottom opening lets microorganisms inside speed up the composting process.

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8. BelleMark Kitchen Compost Bin

The BelleMark Kitchen Compost Bin is a fantastic option for anyone who wants a small-scale bin in their kitchen area. One of the main complaints about such bins is that they can cause some unwanted smells in your home. But with this model, pungent scents won’t be an issue. That is because the BelleMark Kitchen Compost Bin incorporates a stainless steel material that resists rust and is smell-proof.

This kitchen compost bin is also attractive and easy to clean. Unlike other kitchen bins, BelleMark Kitchen Compost Bin has a wood grain finish and removable pieces that make cleanliness a non-issue. 

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Common Compost Bin Styles

As you may have noticed from our list, there are a few types of composting bins that are more common than others. Each one comes with its own benefits and uses. In general, you can expect to find these four compost bin varieties as you shop:

  • Compost Tumblers: These bins typically incorporate a frame and a barrel in which the composting takes place. That barrel is often attached to some form of an axle that allows it to spin. That spinning motion mimics the digging that you would need to do with a standard compost pile.
  • Stationary Composters: Stationary composters are simple devices that typically sit in an outdoor setting. These bins are somewhat simplistic as they simply rest on the ground and house your compost inside.
  • Worm Composters: Worm composters are a unique variety of compost bins. These bins allow worms to live inside. Those worms work to help break down the compost inside the bin.
  • Counter-Top Compost Bin: This is the smallest version of a compost bin, which usually sits on your kitchen counter. Counter-top compost bins are on the smaller side, meaning you will need to empty them into a larger compost pile periodically.

You may manage to find some other types of compost bins. But those ones above are the most popular. As you can see, each one has a distinct application. Selecting the right one for you will depend on how much you wish to compost and your preferred method for doing so.

Compost Bin FAQs

While composting is growing in popularity, there are many people who have never given it a try. To help those who are a bit unfamiliar with compost bins, here are some answers to a few of the most common questions that gardeners have on the topic.

How Long Does it Take to Make Compost in a Compost Bin?

The length of the composting process will vary depending on how much you intend to make. However, it will usually take about six to eight weeks for you to have some usable compost for your garden.

How Do You Know When Compost is Done?

The signs that compost is done are primarily visual. The compost should appear dark brown or nearly black. There should also be no visible pieces of the food and yard scraps that you added to the pile originally. Ready-to-use compost also has an earthy smell and will crumble in your hands.

How Often Should You Turn Compost?

Generally, you should turn your compost about every four weeks. This will allow heat to build up properly. At times, you can try turning your compost more frequently to speed up the process.

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