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Winning the War Against Squirrels: Expert Advice from Cole’s Wild Bird Feed, Co.

For avid bird enthusiasts, the joy of watching birds flock to their feeders can quickly turn into frustration when sneaky squirrels start devouring the precious seeds. Cole’s Wild Bird Products, Co. steps in with expert advice on outsmarting these bushy-tailed invaders.

The Battle for Birdfeeders

Squirrels and birds engage in a constant battle for supremacy at birdfeeders. The size advantage often tips in favor of squirrels, leaving bird lovers searching for effective solutions. Elaine Cole, a birding expert and owner of Cole’s Wild Bird Products, Co., understands the struggle all too well.

“Squirrels are one of the biggest problems for people who feed birds. They can eat large amounts of seed, destroy birdfeeders, and chase birds away. When squirrels claim your feeder as their territory, it’s hard to get rid of them,” says Cole.

The Taste Aversion Tactic

For bird lovers, the sight of a bushy tail hanging off the side of a feeder means one thing: war.

Cole proposes a simple yet effective tactic: taste aversion. By serving birdseed that squirrels find distasteful, you can discourage them from invading your bird haven. One of Cole’s top recommendations is using habanero chili peppers. Products like “Hot Meats” and “Blazing Hot Blend” not only appeal to birds but also repel squirrels with their spicy taste.

Research shows that mammals, including squirrels, react to chili peppers with discomfort due to receptors on their tongue and mouth. Birds lack these receptors, making the spicy flavor enjoyable for them.

Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce

For a safe and humane solution, Cole’s “Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce” is a nutritional birdseed supplement with a hot and spicy flavor. By adding this chili pepper formula to birdseed or spraying it on garden plants, you can reduce squirrel visits without harming them. Birds remain unaffected by the heat, making it a win-win for bird lovers.

Diversion Feeding

To coexist peacefully with squirrels, consider diversion feeding. Set up a separate feeding station for squirrels, stocked with tempting treats like “Critter Munchies.” This blend diverts squirrels from birdfeeders, providing a harmonious backyard experience for both birds and furry visitors.


Winning the war against squirrels at birdfeeders doesn’t require gimmicks or ineffective devices. Cole’s Wild Bird Products, Co. suggests embracing taste aversion and diversion feeding tactics to create a bird-friendly haven in your backyard. For more information, visit


Cole’s Wild Bird Products, Co. provides expert advice on thwarting squirrels at birdfeeders. The key strategies include taste aversion using spicy birdseed blends and diversion feeding with dedicated squirrel feeding stations. These humane tactics ensure a harmonious backyard for both birds and squirrels. Visit for more information.

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