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“How to Grow a Garden that Will be the Envy of Your Neighbors”

Let me tell you a story…

My name is Darrell Houghton and I love to garden. I got the gardening bug from my father, who grew all sorts of things in our suburban backyard when I was growing up. He really had a green thumb and it seemed everything he grew was a raging success. We had fruits and vegetables a plenty, so much so that he would spend many summer evenings canning much of his bounty.

Of all the fruit trees and vegetables that my father would grow, I still feel his favorite thing to grow were boysenberries. Fortunately I was a recipient of his passion for boysenberries because, what’s one of the things you can do with boysenberries? Why boysenberry pie, of course! Now, many years later, a slice of boysenberry pie is my favorite dessert.

But enough of my trip down memory lane. While my father definitely had a green thumb, me, not so much. In fact, more often than not my tomatoes get all cracked and fall from the vine or my lettuce is enjoyed more by pests than by me. Can you relate?

Then, several years ago I moved into a house where the backyard is 95% concrete. So what’s a wannabe gardener to do? I had to turn to container gardening. Specifically I started growing things in fabric grow bags. And you know what happened? My tomatoes were actually turning out like the pictures on the seed packets. My peppers produced like there was no tomorrow. My lilies were vibrant and more colorful than I had ever seen.

Was it all my doing? Well, as much as I would like to believe that I suddenly was granted the gift of a green thumb, I can’t take ALL the credit.  

So what was my secret that suddenly turned my gardening skills from zero to hero, and brought me fame and kudos from a (very) small circle of family and friends? 

Three words. Fabric. Grow. Bags. 

I kid you not. I attribute my garden’s bounty to the use of fabric grow bags

 Here Are Some Benefits of Using Fabric Grow Bags

  • HEALTHIER PLANTS. In regular plastic or ceramic containers, the plant will eventually get root-bound. It’s when a plant outgrows its pot and it becomes a tangle of roots! This won’t happen with fabric grow bags because of a phenomenon known as air-pruning. Since the fabric bags are permeable and allows air to reach the roots, when the roots meet the edge of the grow bag they burn off, which promotes the growth of more fibrous roots. 

When compared side-by-side, a plant grown in a grow bag (left) versus a plastic pot (right), it is easy to see why a plant would thrive in a grow bag.

  • NO MORE WORRIES ABOUT OVER-WATERING YOUR PLANTS. It is impossible to over-water a plant in a grow bag. Grow bags are made from fabric, and fabric is permeable, so any excess water will drain through the sides of the grow bag.
  • EASY TO MOVE AROUND. With plastic or ceramic pots, grabbing a hold of them to move them to a more ideal location is awkward. Fabric grow bags usually have handles that make moving them a cinch. Plus, because they are made with lightweight fabric, they weigh less than a ceramic pot.

Moving grow bags is a cinch with their built-in handles

  • PLANTS DON’T OVERHEAT. Plants in a plastic container can cook the roots of the plant if the sun is particularly fierce. With fabric grow bags, the breathable fabric helps regulate the temperature of the plants so there is less chance of them overheating.
  • EASY STORAGE IN THE OFF-SEASON. Unlike traditional plastic or ceramic pots, when empty, fabric grow bags can be cleaned and folded neatly into a compact size and easily stored in a smaller space than stacking traditional containers.

There Was Only  One Problem…

The color options were dismal. Your choices were basically black, black, and um, black.  Which led me to the question…

“Why Were Most Grow Bags On The Market Black?

I wish I could lay claim to coming up with that fateful question, but I have to give credit to my wife Vivi. 

We were sitting out on our patio one warm summer evening admiring our lush garden (notice I used the word “our” in that sentence. It’s funny how it becomes “our” garden when everything in the garden actually grows beyond a few spindly vines and half-eaten leaves. But I digress…).  

We’re sitting there admiring our (ahem) garden when she says, “Why are all our grow bags black? Wouldn’t it be nice to have some colorful grow bags?”

She posed a very good question that I didn’t really have an answer to. So I searched out and ordered some colorful grow bags, planted in them, and gave the plants a good watering. Which quickly led to the answer to the question, “Why are all grow bags black?” 

Fabric grow bags are made with permeable nonwoven fabric. When you water, the water naturally gets dirty from the potting soil and when it drains, the fabric acts as a filter, so the water leaves behind an unsightly stain.  

Grow bag with stains with forbidden sign

A colorful grow bag doesn’t look so hot after its first watering

“Most grow bags use black fabric because black more readily hides the staining that will occur whenever you water your plants. Mystery solved!”

Which Led Me To Ask Myself This Question…

How could we design a grow bag that we would want to buy? Something that had all the benefits of a fabric grow bag but wouldn’t stain? 

That question led us on a many months-long journey of searching for a manufacturer, trying different design prototypes, picking colors, checking quality and durability, and finally launching our first product… 


Why settle for black grow bags when you can add a splash of color to your garden with a multi-pack of Wraxly two-tone fabric grow bags.

Stain-Resistant Design

Why are our grow bags less prone to staining than other brands? It’s our unique design that protects the colorful fabric with a waterproof liner. This prevents water from draining through the sides and staining the fabric. Yet, the lower portion of the grow bag doesn’t have a liner so the water can drain out through the sides. This enables us to provide the best of both worlds – a colorful grow bag that still promotes air-pruning.

Wraxly grow bags have a waterproof liner that directs water down through the aeration zone at bottom

Focus on Quality

Our premium bags have been manufactured to the highest standards and finished with details that show that we care:

Infographic of Wraxly grow bag features
  • Hemmed top lip – many of our competitors leave the top of their bags un-hemmed, causing them to feel rough and look unfinished. Our bags are finished with a hemmed top lip, which makes them smooth, more pleasant to use and nicer to look at  
  • Double-stitching for strength and durability
  • Thicker fabric: Our 2mm non-woven fabric is thicker than what most competitors use, extending the life of our bags and the value for your money
  • Non-woven handles: Our felt handles are made with the same non-woven material as the bag for strength and comfort


What distinguishes Wraxly’s premium grow bags from the competition?

Each package contains these 5 colors: burgundy, gray, tan, sand, and green

What People Are Saying About Wraxly Grow Bags

Experience the magic of grow bags.

We have grown vegetables in pots, beds and now in grow bags. We have been amazed at how well our veggies grow in grow bags and now they are our favorite way to garden. We got these for my brother and sister in-law because they have recently started gardening and we wanted them to experience the magic of grow bags. Because they are a gift, I wanted something that looked nicer than your standard black bag. These have such beautiful jewel tones and really do have a quality look and feel as far as grow bags go! I’m pleased with the purchase!

~ Phillip Kwan

A perfect gift for my mother…

A perfect gift for my mother who is an avid gardener with a green thumb. Versatile too as these bags are cute and stylish and can be used for multi-purposes. A convenient way to transfer bigger plants between outdoors and indoors for the winter, without having to break your back carrying a giant ceramic pot.

~ Ella Harris

Best grow bags ever.

These really are the best grow bags ever. And they look great too! I’m using the 5 gallon options for peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers and they are perfect! I’ve purchased 2 5-packs already.

~ Johnny Sanes

Much more attractive than the others I had seen.

I am a beginner gardener, and I needed something to expand my potted plants into, especially my tomatoes which needed more space very quickly. I began looking at grow bags and saw these, which were much more attractive than the others I had seen. They turned out to be a great buy. They are stylish, durable, thick, and heavy without being bulky–I can fold them down into a small space–and they are breathable and let excess water drain out of them. The handles make even the heavy, damp soil packed into the 7-gallon size manageable for me, and I do not consider myself ‘strong.’

~ JG

The most stain-resistant and colorful grow bags on the market!

Looking for a fun and stylish way to garden? Look no further than Wraxly fabric grow bags! These two-tone beauties come in a variety of colors and are stain resistant, making them perfect for gift giving. Plus, they’re lightweight and easy to move around, so you can garden wherever you please.

What you get…

  • Multi-color 5-pack
  • Bundled in a black BONUS grow bag
  • Available in 2 sizes: 5-gallon or 7-gallon 

Special price of only $36.97 + shipping

Order Now and Get the Following Bonuses Valued at $67

Bonus 1 – Growing Vegetables in Containers For Beginners eBook

If you’re looking for a way to get started with growing your own vegetables, this is the ebook for you! Growing Vegetables in Containers for Beginners will show you how to get started with container gardening, on a minimal budget. You’ll learn how to reuse containers and items around your home to get started, and how to make your container garden a feature in your home.

Bonus 2 – The Secrets to a Lush Garden eBook

If you want to achieve the perfect garden, you need to know the secrets that professional gardeners use. In The Secrets to a Lush Garden, you’ll learn tips and tricks for growing a variety of fruits and flowers. This eBook is packed with information that will help you get the most out of your garden. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, The Secrets to a Lush Garden is a must-read for anyone who wants a beautiful garden.

Bonus 3 – Vegetable Gardening 101 eBook

If you want to learn how to grow your own vegetables, then this is the eBook for you! Vegetable Gardening 101 gives you step-by-step instructions on everything you need to do to get started, including what types of vegetables and fruits to grow and what to do with the harvest. You’ll also learn about growing vegetables from plants or seeds, how to preserve fruits and vegetables for further use, and indoor herb growing. Whether you have never planted anything in your life or you’re a seasoned gardener, you’re sure to learn something from this ebook!

Bonus 4 – Caring for Your Garden eBook

If you want to have a beautiful and bountiful garden, then you need to read Caring For Your Garden. This ebook is packed with all the information you need to know about garden care, from selecting the right plants to properly caring for them throughout the seasons. You’ll also learn about common garden care mistakes to avoid, and what must-have garden tools you need for success. A must-have eBook to help you get started with your dream garden!

More Testimonials from Verified Buyers

Wow is this awesome

First time purchasing a fabric planter. Wow is this awesome. They look good, seems durable, and so easy to pick up and move. I love they can be squashed to fit in a space. Definitely recommend.

~ Michelle B.

These plants pots will dress up any garden or inside area.

I bought these for a gift for my neighbor for Christmas. I took one of the fabric pots and put an actual plant in it and gave it to my neighbor along with the other fabric pots. The plant looked beautiful. These plants pots will dress up any garden or inside area. Very sturdy fabric and the pot is well made. I will be getting a set of these for myself soon.

~ Lexis

Here’s What You Get

  • A set of 5 colorful fabric grow bags in either 5-gallon or 7-gallon sizes. Packaged in a black BONUS grow bag
  • Bonus 1 – Growing Vegetables in Containers for Beginners
  • Bonus 2 – The Secrets to a Lush Garden
  • Bonus 3 – Vegetable Gardening 101
  • Bonus 4 – Caring for Your Garden

All this for only $36.97 + shipping

NO RISK PURCHASE – We know you have options, so we want to make buying from us the easiest choice possible, and that’s why we offer you our Wraxly Guarantee. If for any reason our product doesn’t meet your standards or is not what you expected, just send it back our way for a replacement or a full refund! The choice is yours.

Darrell and Mahana
Darrell Houghton

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your grow bags made of?

Wraxly grow bags are made of 2mm nonwoven fabric, which is thick enough that they stand straight when empty, freeing your hands and making planting a breeze. The nonwoven material of our bags is 100% eco-friendly and is certified AZO-free.

Can your grow bags be given as a gift?

Absolutely! Any backyard or balcony gardener will love these durable grow bags. The multi-color 5-pack comes bundled in a 2 gallon black grow bag, and is sealed in a clear poly bag to keep your bags clean.

Can I re-use your grow bags?

Yes! That is one of the benefits of using a fabric grow bag. Our bags are more durable than other, cheaper brands on the market. This means a Wraxly grow bag will last many growing seasons without ripping or tearing.

If your grow bags are waterproof, are roots still able to air prune?

Yes! Wraxly grow bags give you the best of both worlds. The color zone on top is lined with a waterproof material that protects the colorful fabric. The black zone doesn’t have the waterproof lining, so roots will still be air pruned when they reach this part of the bag.

How will Wraxly grow bags help me grow healthier plants?

  • The color zone on top is lined with a waterproof liner that directs water down towards the roots. Other fabric bags cause water waste due to water draining out the sides. Our superior design naturally prevents dry pockets and allows the soil to dry from the top down.
  • Our unique design directs water downward, thereby reducing excess water loss. By extending the time between waterings, there is less chance of creating undue stress on your plants. 
  • Our nonwoven fabric provides excellent drainage and allows your roots to breathe. This prevents mildew growth and promotes healthy soil microbes. 
  • When a root reaches the side of the bag, the root tip will stop growing and instead send out smaller rootlets. This fibrous root structure will enable the plant to take in more water and nutrients.

All of these features contribute to bigger, healthier, and happier plants. 

P.S.: Don’t miss out on this one-time-only offer. Get our 5-pack of colorful Wraxly premium fabric grow bags, a black bonus bag, plus 4 bonuses, but only if you act NOW!Click the link below to go to the checkout page.

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