Aqua Joe Fiberjacket Pro Hose

  • Kink, Twist & Tangle-Free
  • Up to 50% Lighter & 3x Stronger Than Conventional Hoses
  • BPA-Free, Lead-Free & Phthalate-Free
  • Standard 5/8″ Hose Diameter
  • Perfect for Home, Auto, RV or Boat
  • 50, 75, and 100-Foot Lengths Available
  • No Scratching, Scuffing or Snagging!
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I don’t think anyone with a yard, be it covered in lawn or landscaped with plants, hasn’t had a love-hate relationship with the hard-working garden hose. Sure, it fulfills its purpose of transporting water from the spigot to a thirsty plant, and sure beats the alternative of filling up a watering can, but who hasn’t lamented what a pain it is when the water pressure drops because of a kink in the hose? Or struggled maneuvering a heavy hose around the yard, trying not to trash a new flower bed or knock over some patio furniture? Then to top it off you have the unenviable challenge of trying to neatly store the old cumbersome green behemoth after using it.

Well those days are over cuz I’m here to tell you that the Aqua Joe Fiberjacket Pro garden hose is not your father’s hose. There are very things in life that I consider life-changing, but my Aqua Joe hose is at the top of that list. Read our complete Aqua Joe garden hose review here.

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