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Cosa puoi coltivare in una borsa da coltivazione da 5 galloni?

Choosing to use grow bags for your garden is a wise decision. However, part of that decision-making process is deciding which grow bag size is best for your needs. This article will tell you what you can grow in a 5-gallon grow bag so that you can have a better idea of whether this is the right size for you.

Cosa puoi coltivare in una borsa da coltivazione da 5 galloni

Plants that Can Grow in a 5-Gallon Grow Bag

A 5-gallon grow bag is ideal for growing plants that are relatively small. Generally, this size grow bag can accommodate erbe aromatiche, some verdure, flowering annuals, and perennials, or even a small woody shrub or tree.

There are grow bag sizes that are both larger and smaller. However, the moderate size of this grow bag option remains sufficient for growing some of the most popular garden plants.

Growing edible plants is one of the top priorities for those who garden with grow bags. Thankfully, a Sacco da coltivazione da 5 galloni is large enough to accommodate some of the most popular edible plants around. Here are a few examples of some of the plants you can grow in this grow bag size:

Those plants are some of the most popular options among many gardeners. However, the list above is far from complete. There are plenty more plant species, both edible and ornamental, that you can grow in this size.

Generally, plants that match the mature size of the ones in the list above will grow well in this size grow bag. However, the best way to know whether your plant will thrive in that environment is to know its mature size and match that to the space that a 5-gallon grow bag provides.

How Much Space Does a 5-Gallon Grow Bag Provide?

As the name suggests, the volume of a 5-gallon grow bag is 5 gallons. However, that figure does not indicate how much soil surface area these bags include. While there will be some variations on the size and shape, most are cylindrical with about a 12-inch diameter. That dimension equates to about .8 square feet of growing space.

As a rule, consider any plant that spreads well beyond a 12-inch diameter to be too large for a standard 5-gallon grow bag. Plants that expand well beyond the diameter of their grow bag will run out of space to spread their roots. 


How to Tell if This Size is Too Small

Occasionally, you may make the mistake of growing a plant in a container that is too small for it. If that occurs, you need to notice the problem as soon as you can so that you can move your plant to a more suitable growing location.

When a plant runs out of growing room within a container, it can become legato alle radici. Rootbound plants form dense masses of roots that encircle one another. They also lack the ability to expand and provide the additional nutrients and moisture that your plants need for further growth.

Rootbound plants often reveal this issue with one of several visual cues. Curling leaves, discoloration, altered growth habits, and weak growth are all indications that your plant is rootbound.

Fortunately, you can remedy a rootbound plant by removing it from its current container and moving it to a larger one. If the signs of root binding appear in your plants, it could be a sign that a 5-gallon grow bag is simply too small.

Pensieri finali

Many of the most popular garden plants can thrive in a 5-gallon grow bag. The key to success with a grow bag this size is to identify which plants will adapt well to this space. It also helps to know the signs of a grow bag that is too small for your plant and to address that problem as soon as you can by transplanting to a larger grow bag size. 

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