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Comment se débarrasser des opossums dans votre jardin

Did you wake up to find your favorite plant trampled? Are you tired of your dog’s food being eaten before he can get to it? Is it possible that a possum has found shelter in your yard?

Possums are frequently found in both rural and urban houses. Most homeowners see them as a nuisance because they almost always cause damage. This damage can be anything from them rummaging through your garbage cans and tilting them over to helping themselves to your fruit trees. 

While possums typically don’t attack humans or carry rabies, they can harm your garden. Moreover, they have plenty of scary teeth, which can frighten pets and children. So you’re far from alone in trying to get rid of them. 

The good news is that there are several pretty easy ways to control their movement in your yard and to discourage them from coming in. Here are 7 of the most effective ones to get rid of possums in your yard. 

Comment se débarrasser des opossums dans votre jardin
Possums can cause havoc in your yard.

7 Ways to Get Rid of Possums in Your Yard

1. Repellents

Repellents are one of the most popular possum removal methods. They use sight, smell, taste, or sound to make possums leave your yard. 

You can choose whichever kind appeals the most to you. 

Use Chemicals to Get Rid of Possums in Your Yard

Chemical repellents tend to come in liquid form and use smell. You’ve probably heard that animals mark their territories by urinating there. It asserts dominance and keeps inferior species away. 

These repellents are made of a mixture of predator urine, egg powder, soap, ail, etc. Some even have hot pepper extract. Each one of them will keep possums away.

You can find them at almost all hardware stores. Apply them to your flower beds, plants, trees, and structure bases. The only downside to chemical repellents is their price tag. They are a little expensive. 

Since they’re only effective when applied regularly and in high concentrations, they aren’t a practical option for many people. 

Use Electronic Repellents to Get Rid of Possums in Your Yard

Electronic repellents are typically motion-activated machines that drive away possums. One of the most common types is a motion-activated arroseur because it is super simple to operate. 

You have to turn it on when you are going to sleep since possums come out at night. Once activated, the sprinkler will spray eau as soon as it detects movement in the areas around it. This sort of assault will keep possums out of your yard. 

You can use this or other types of electronic repellents in your lawns, around trees and bins, or even inside barns. 

Other options include wind chimes and lawn lights. 

2. Fencing

If your lawn has possums, you need to check your fencing for damage. Any holes or rotten boards can give them access to your house. 

If you don’t already have fencing, you should install some. While possums are good climbers, they can not outsmart electric wire. Additionally, there are various types of residential fencing available, such as wood, vinyl, and chain-link, to suit different aesthetic and functional needs.

Put in fencing of at least 4 feet with an electric coil on top of it, and no new possums will come onto your property. Adding it at an outward angle further solidifies your defense.  

3. Block Access Points Like Holes

Open holes in places other than your fence are also access points for possums. They become especially problematic once a possum crosses your fence and enters your property. 

Chimney holes and vents give them access to your house. If they get inside, they can chew through wiring, scare the residents, and steal food. So, in addition to the fencing, it is important to keep your house safe. 

Even if you have 4 feet high fencing with electric wiring, we would still recommend securing these points. 

Moreover, possums also often enter homes through pet doors. So if you live in an area with possums, you will want to secure them and keep your pets indoors wherever possible. 

Since possums are excellent climbers and use trees to find weak points in your home’s security, trimming branches is another way to stop them from getting into your house. 

possums playing in your backyard
Possum pals

4. Remove Attractions 

Think about why possums are coming to your house. They want food and shelter. If you take both those things away, they won’t have anything to come to your house for anymore. 

Stop putting pet food and trash outside during the night. Both are basically invitations for possums to come and have a party. 

If you have fruit trees, make sure there isn’t any fruit on the ground. Moreover, use chemical repellents on the trees. 

Also, remove concrete slabs and brush piles. Possums tend to use destroyed homes as residences. Any dilapidated buildings should either be fixed up or sprayed regularly. 

5. Traps 

If a possum has already gotten into your property, preventative measures like fencing won’t do you any good. While they will stop more possums from coming into your house, they can not do anything about the ones that are already in. 

Traps are the best way to get rid of those ones. 

Possums eat a wide variety of food. However, their food preferences all have three substances in common: insects, grain, and fruit. You can use fruit jam or overripe fruit. 


Humane traps can be set up near or on the animal trail and the places it gets food from. Since possums aren’t intelligent animals, they will climb onto the trap, unable to leave until you release it. 


Lethal traps shouldn’t be used unless absolutely necessary. They kill the possums, and you should always try to use other methods to get rid of them before using this one. 

If you do decide to use it, you can place the traps near your fence. They’re super effective in shallow pits and hollow trunks. 

6. Install A Nesting Box Nearby

Another great way to get rid of possums in your yard is by giving them a nicer place to live in. You can create a nesting box nearby where they can live peacefully without disturbing you. 

When setting it up, remember to make it tight and snug. Possums are often hunted by other animals like dogs during the night, so they prefer spots that can protect them from large predators. 

a possum pad
Build a possum pad

7. The Last Resort – Shooting

If none of the 6 methods listed above work, you can try shooting the possum. You should know that many states in the US have banned shooting them, so it is important to check what the law says before you get your gun. 

If you live in a state without a ban, own a gun, and are okay with killing the possum, you can use this method. Get a powerful flashlight because you’ll have to go out looking for them at night. 

In addition to helping you see in the dark, strong light disorients animals, so when you find the possum, it will freeze for a moment. You need to be quick with your gun and make use of that moment. 

Moreover, possums are known to play dead. So when checking if it is actually dead, be super careful. Use thick gloves to pick it up, and be prepared for it to jump up at you. 

The Best Possum Repellents

The most popular way to get rid of possums from a yard is by using repellents. This wide usage means that there are hundreds of products on the market. New ones are put out every few months, and each company promotes theirs as the best one. 

So it can be difficult to decide which one you should get. We’ve made a list of the most effective ones to make the job easier for you.

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler 

This electronic repellent is super effective because it uses a powerful water jet. It sprays as soon as an animal approaches it. The machine uses infrared technology to achieve this result. 

The water frightens animals and makes them leave. However, it does not hurt them. This makes the Orbit sprinkler one of the most humane ways of getting rid of possums from your lawn. 

It has a range of up to 40 feet, which covers over 1600 square feet of land. The spray stops when the animal moves out of range. 

One great feature of the product is its ability to move between repellent and 24/7 mode. You can set it to only spray when an animal is wandering about or to a constant stream of water. The latter is excellent for regular watering of lawns.

However, there is one downside. Animals get used to the sprinkler and stop being scared of it. So you need to keep moving it, so the spray is unpredictable and keeps them in fear. 

Critter Repellent Shake Away All Natural Fox Urine Granules 

The best chemical repellents use predator urine to drive away possums. But this repellent doesn’t stop there. In addition to possums, it also drives away a number of other animals. 

Foxes hunt several species; they are high up in the food chain. So most smaller animals are scared of it and will want to avoid any place a fox has marked as its territory. 

Moreover, since the Shake Away is 100% natural, it isn’t harmful to kids or pets. The only thing it does is make your lawn smell like a fox’s urine. 

You do need to remember to use a good amount of the granules for it to be effective. 

Predator Guard Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Light 

The last repellent on our list is another mechanical option.  Almost all nocturnal animals hate light. That’s why they come out at night. 

This repellent imitates predator eyes and shines bright. Since possums are unlikely to want to be in the same place with an animal that could harm or worse kill them, they will steer clear of your lawn. 

It is used in chicken coops, sheds, vineyards, etc., and will be very effective in your lawn.

Dernières pensées 

Try using one of the three repellents in our list before anything else. Then carry out preventative measures like fencing and blocking holes. After that, you should look at radical ways to get rid of possums like shooting and lethal traps. 

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