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The Best Retractable Garden Hoses You Can Buy (in 2024)

Most gardeners have run into this issue at least once in their lives. When it comes time to water the plants in your yard, you’re met with a garden hose with kinks and tangles that makes the entire experience more frustrating than it needs to be. Thankfully, there is a way around this common plant care problem. Retractable garden hoses give you the chance to water your plants in a neater and more efficient way.

As you’ll soon see, there are several retractable garden hoses on the market today that will take the hassle out of regando tus plantas. This article will introduce you to a few of the top products in that category. We’ll also reveal a few factors you should keep in mind while you shop for a retractable water hose and answer some of the most common questions on the topic.

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The best automatic garden hose reels on the market today

The Best Retractable Garden Hoses on the Market Today

Soon, we’ll reveal the best retractable garden hose reels that you can buy. But before we do, you should know that there are two primary types of garden hoses that belong in this category, which are:

  • Garden hoses with a retractable reel: These hoses coil around a retractable reel that typically sits within a protective box or container. You’ll usually need to attach these hoses to a wall with a wall mount near your water source.
  • Expandable garden hoses: As the name implies, these hoses grow larger while in use. When you turn the water off, the hose will shrink down to a neat and manageable size.

As you’ll soon see, these two retractable hose varieties are quite different. However, both popular hose options give you the same general benefit of making your watering much easier and more organized.

In the next sections, we’ll look at three of the top garden hoses on a retractable reel and three of the best expandable hoses you can purchase. After reading, you’ll be ready to decide which one is right for you and your garden.

The 3 Best Retractable Garden Hose Reels

We’ll begin by addressing three of the best retractable water hoses that include a hose reel. Our top picks in this subcategory are:

  1. Giraffe Tools Retractable Garden Hose Reel 1/2 Inch x 130 ft
  2. RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel
  3. Ayleid Retractable Garden Hose Reel, 3/8 in x 66 ft

Read on through the next sections to learn more about each of these admirable products.

Giraffe Tools Retractable Garden Hose Reel 1/2 Inch x 130 ft

El Giraffe Tools Retractable Garden Hose Reel offers a hose length measuring 130′, allowing you to reach all of your plants even if you have a large garden. This model comes with a wall bracket that is incredibly stable while allowing for 180 degrees of swivel while in use. That mobility allows you to move with ease while you deliver much-needed water to plants in all corners of your yard.

The hose this model includes is also durable and consists of high-grade polypropylene and is easy to uncoil and retract. Once you reach the parts of your garden that need water, you can lock the hose in place. When you’re finished, the hose will retract slowly back into its reel with a quick but gentle tug.


  • 130′ length
  • Swiveling reel
  • High-grade hose material
  • Slow and safe auto rewind hose reel


  • Not always the best for those who need high water pressure
  • Installation can be difficult compared to other hoses

Giraffe Tools Retractable Garden Hose Reel 1/2 Inch x 130 ft

  • [DURABLE ANY LENGTH LOCK] Giraffe hose reel is pre-installed with a 130ft hybrid hose, which can lock at any length as you desired, covers every corner of your garden.
  • [STABLE AUTO REWIND SYSTEM] Give the hose a gentle tug, the hose reel will retract automatically back in. The unique retractable & guidance system can roll up the hose neatly without the trouble of kinking.
  • [HIGH-GRID GARDEN HOSE]All weather flexible and abrasion-resistant hybrid hose ensures the hose reel leak-resistant and long-lasting. The 130ft 1/2-in. hose passed the 200PSI pressure test and the 600PSI bursting pressure test.
  • [EASILY ASSEMBLE & DISASSEMBLE] Assemble the hose reel on the wall with just the 180-degree rotation bracket and some screws. With the quick-release system, you can also easily lift on the handle to remove the reel for storage. Suggest the installation Post should larger than 4X4.
  • [LEADING SERVICE AWARENESS] Giraffe’s in-house research & development team continuously works to provide creative and effective solutions for all your reeling needs.

RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel

El RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel is another of the best retractable hose reels on the market. This model comes with an automatic guide that prevents any twists or overlaps that could occur while your hose retracts. That feature alone prevents the common complaint about hoses kinking and twisting upon themselves during storage.

This retractable hose is also noteworthy for its portability. The design of the RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel includes a handle that lets you lift and carry the entire reel as needed. This feature, along with the eight-function hose nozzle, ensures incredible ease of use and allows you to alter your watering style for different plants.


  • Automatic guide prevents overlapping and kinking
  • Includes a carrying handle for portability
  • Single spray nozzle offers eight settings
  • Strong solid brass fittings


  • Not the longest hose
  • Leak prevention could improve

Ayleid Retractable Garden Hose Reel, 3/8 in x 66 ft

If hose nozzle options are what matters most to you, then the Ayleid Retractable Garden Hose Reel is a product that should be at the top of your list. This hose comes with a standard hose nozzle and an additional one that has nine different settings. Not only does this hose come with impressive spray options, but it is also relatively lightweight, making it easy to carry and use.

However, the convenience of this model does not end there. If you purchase the Ayleid Retractable Garden Hose Reel, you’ll find that it is easy to install and comes with an informative owner’s manual. This product is also affordable compared to other options without sacrificing usability and overall quality.


  • Lightweight design
  • Affordable price
  • Nose nozzle with nine settings
  • Installation is easy and straightforward


  • Hose nozzle can leak
  • Durability could improve

The 3 Best Expandable Garden Hoses

Now that we’ve covered the best three hoses on retractable hose reels let’s consider the best three expandable hose options. Our choices for the top expandable hoses are:

  1. Knoikos Expandable Garden Hose 100ft
  2. Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle Expandable Garden Hose
  3. INNAV8 Expandable Garden Hose 25FT

Now it’s time to delve into the details of what makes each of those expandable hoses a viable option for nearly any gardener.

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Knoikos Expandable Garden Hose 100ft

El Knoikos Expandable Garden Hose 100ft is the perfect product for gardeners who want a hose length that can reach distant areas and reduce to a small size for storage. This hose triples its length to reach 100 feet in length. It also has a hose nozzle with ten settings to alter the flow of water from your hose. That hose nozzle includes a thumb control that is incredibly easy to operate compared to other hose nozzle styles.

The manufacturers of the Knoikos Expandable Garden Hose 100ft also took special care to ensure that this hose is long-lasting and resistant to leaks. The design includes a double latex core and a strong polyester outer covering. With plenty of options for different lengths and colors, this expandable hose has just about everything a gardener could want, which is why it’s our top pick.


  • Ten hose nozzle functions with thumb control
  • Expands to about 100 total feet
  • Durable double latex core to prevent leaks
  • Includes both size and color options


  • Water pressure diminishes as the hose lengthens
  • Grommets are not as strong as they could be

Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle Expandable Garden Hose

In the world of expandable hoses, few brand names are as recognizable as Flexi Hose. This product, the Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle Expandable Garden Hose, is no exception to this company’s reputation for creating high-quality garden hoses. It comes in several color options to suit your preference and can expand to nearly three times its original length.

One of the most impressive aspects of this hose is its ability to survive in extreme conditions. As long as the air temperature is between 40- and 113-degrees Fahrenheit, this hose will continue to function well. The Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle Expandable Garden Hose also proves to be very comfortable as its hose nozzle has a sleek ergonomic design that will fit your hand well.


  • Comes in several color options
  • Expands to about three times its original length
  • Survives both hot and cold temperatures
  • Comfortable ergonomic hose nozzle design


  • Not the best customer support
  • Leaks are more common than you’d hope

INNAV8 Expandable Garden Hose 25FT

If you are someone who needs to water a small area, then the INNAV8 Expandable Garden Hose 25FT is one of the best expandable hose options you can choose. This has a moderate length of 25 feet at most and collapses to be even smaller while not in use.

While the INNAV8 Expandable Garden Hose 25FT is on the smaller side, it maintains a credible water pressure of up to 90 psi. The hose also proves to be lightweight and one of the most economically sensible hose options you can find online.


  • Lightweight design
  • One of the most affordable hoses
  • Impressive water pressure
  • Includes tiple layer of high-quality material


  • Length can be misleading
  • Rips can occur

Retractable Garden Hose Buyer’s Guide

The products in the section above are excellent options for anyone looking for the best retractable water hose. However, you may decide to deviate from this list and search for one of these products on your own. If you choose that route, you’ll want to prepare yourself by understanding these main factors to consider when buying a retractable garden hose for your yard:

  • Style
  • Longitud
  • Width
  • Material
  • Nozzle connections
  • Peso
  • Ease of installation

Each of those traits will affect how your garden hose will perform. The sections below will elaborate on each one so that you know what to look for as you shop for the best retractable garden hose.

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Hose Styles

As we mentioned above, there are two main retractable garden hose styles. Some retractable garden hoses are on a reel, while others are expandable and change their size depending on whether they are in use. Generally, both these options are preferable to a traditional garden hose. However, there are some distinct differences between the two that you should understand.

For instance, garden hoses on a retractable reel typically consist of more durable materials compared to expandable hoses. Retractable hose reels often give you the chance to lock your hose at a certain length as well. The downside to a retractable hose reel is that they tend to require a more in-depth installation process. You’ll likely need to take out your power tools and hardware to install them successfully.

By contrast, expandable garden hoses usually attach directly to your water spigot the way a traditional hose would. The strike against expandable hoses is that their flexible materials are not as long-lasting as other hose options.

Expandable garden hoses shrink to a more manageable size.
Expandable hoses shrink to a size that makes then light and manageable

Knowing which of these two retractable hose styles is best for you is a matter of preference. If you are ok with an involved installation process and want a longer-lasting hose, a retractable hose reel is a suitable pick for you. If you want a lightweight hose that is ready to use right away, an expandable hose may be the better option.

Hose Length

Retractable garden hoses come in many different hose lengths, as is the case with any garden hose style. The length you choose will have a direct effect on the total area you can water at one time.

Do your best to match the ideal hose length to the size of your yard when choosing the perfect retractable hose for you. At times, the best solution is to take physical measurements from your water source to the furthest area you need to water. Remember to account for any immovable objects that you’ll have to work around while you water.

Once you have a rough estimate of the area you need to cover, you can narrow your hose options to those that have the hose length you need. While some gardeners may need to provide water in a small area near their home, others may need more than 100 feet of hose length to water their plants effectively.

Hose Width

While the length may be the most obvious dimension you should evaluate, width matters as well. More specifically, the diameter of your hose dictates how much water can flow through it at one time.

Most garden hoses have either a half-inch diameter or a three-quarter-inch diameter. However, you may find hoses online that have dimensions both wider and narrower than that.

Here’s what’s most important. You should begin by measuring the diameter of your water spigot. Then, find hoses with a diameter that matches that dimension. Doing so will ensure that the hose connector fits perfectly to your spigot. Thankfully, most residential spigots have a half-inch or three-quarter-inch diameter as well.

Construction Materials

The materials of your garden hose will be the main determiner of how long your hose lasts. Many of the best hoses on the market, such as the ones we listed earlier in this article, include strong materials designed to stand the test of time. Other, cheaper products may not offer the same degree of longevity.

It’s also important to reiterate that some hose styles are inherently more durable than others. Expandable hoses often include a mix of latex and polyester, both of which often prove to be less durable than traditional rubber hoses. However, hoses on a retractable garden hose reel often have materials that are as strong and resilient as those of any other hose type.

Remember that your garden hose is one of the tools you’ll use most often while you care for your plants. You may need to use your hose hundreds of times each season. Your hose may also experience exposure to the elements. Both of those factors point to the importance of garden hose materials.  

Nozzle Connections

The nozzle at the end of your hose controls the water flow and can give you different options as to how you water your plants. Some retractable water hoses come with a single nozzle connection, while others offer you several nozzle connection options, each of which allows you to spray water in a different way.

For some, a single nozzle option is enough to serve their watering needs. Other gardeners may feel the need to use more than one nozzle to cater the spray of their hose to different plant types and garden areas.

If you value multiple nozzle connection options, you should find a hose that supports that variety. As you may already know, some of the best retractable hoses come with many nozzle choices, while others offer far more limited options.


One of the biggest complaints that gardeners have about their traditional garden hoses is that they are too heavy. Lugging around a bulky garden hose is a hassle, especially when it begins to twist and tangle around itself.

Weight remains an important factor when selecting a retractable garden hose as well. Although retractable water hoses are more convenient than traditional alternatives, it remains possible for them to be somewhat heavy.

As a part of your retractable hose shopping, you should take time to research the weight of the hoses you are considering. Keep in mind that the weight of your hose will only increase when water is flowing through it. Choose a hose with a manageable weight, and your watering tasks won’t be any more labor-intensive than they need to be.



One aspect of retractable garden hoses that many gardeners fail to recognize is that some of them require installation. At times, that installation can be simple. In other cases, the installation process for your new hose may be more complex than you might have hoped.

Garden hoses attached to a retractable reel are more likely to come with a multi-step installation process. That process may require you to use multiple tools to attach a mounting bracket to an existing wall near your water source. Fortunately, many of these hoses come with a helpful hose guide that will inform you about the best ways to install and use your new hose.

Other hoses, such as expandable hoses, often require little to no installation beyond attaching them to your existing spigot. So, if installation is something you’d like to keep as simple as possible, select a hose that requires little to no effort to set up.

preguntas frecuentes

Those who have always relied on a traditional garden hose often have several questions about why they should consider a retractable alternative. Below are some brief answers to some of the most popular of those questions.

How long do retractable garden hoses last?

The lifespan of your hose depends on the materials it is made of and how well you care for and store it. If you want your hose to last a long time, begin by selecting a product with high-quality materials. Then, be sure to use your hose safely and store it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions every time you put it away. With the right care, a retractable hose can last an entire decade before replacement.

Can you store an expandable garden hose on a reel?

In most cases, it is ok to store an expandable garden hose on a reel. However, these hoses often shrink to a moderate size that you can coil without a reel. If you choose to use a garden hose reel, the best approach is to ensure that your hose is entirely empty of water. After you’ve drained all water in the hose, there is no reason you can’t wrap it onto a hose reel for storage.

Can you connect two expandable hoses together?

It’s possible to connect multiple expandable hoses if they are compatible with one another. Check the type of connections your hose has and ensure that the one you attach has connections that match. If the connections work with one another, you should have no trouble attaching multiple expandable hoses and using them as if they were one long hose.

Final Thoughts on the Best Retractable Garden Hoses

By now, you know some of the top advantages of using a retractable garden hose and some of the best product options in this category. After selecting the one that is right for you, you’ll soon find that using a retractable garden hose eliminates the cumbersome nature of a traditional garden hose and makes your watering easier than ever before.

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