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AeroGarden vs. Click and Grow (El SmackDown)

If you are in the market for a new indoor garden system, finding the right option can take a lot of time and research. One of the best ways to get around that time-consuming process is to begin by looking at a few of the top brands in the indoor garden system industry.

Among all the indoor garden system companies around today, two of the top industry leaders are AeroGarden y Click and Grow. Both companies have built a strong reputation for the quality of the products they manufacture. They also each offer several different types of indoor garden systems.

In this article, we’ll compare these companies directly. That comparison will include general information about the brand as well as some descriptions of products, pricing, features that you can expect from that company’s products. By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of which brand is likely to have the indoor garden system that you’ll enjoy most.

AeroGarden vs Click and Grow SmackDown
AeroGarden vs Click and Grow: The SmackDown

Comparing AeroGarden and Click and Grow

If you’ve been considering both AeroGarden and Click and Grow, be prepared to put that debate to rest. The comparison below will tell you all you need to know about each of these brands so that you can pick a definitive winner. Let’s start with an overview of what AeroGarden has to offer.


Anyone who has experience with indoor gardening has likely heard of AeroGarden’s products. So, let’s find out why this brand has managed to gain such widespread name recognition in the indoor gardening community.

Top Products

One of the best ways to acquaint yourself with any company is to become familiar with some of their top products. For AeroGarden, we’ve listed five of their best-selling indoor garden systems, each with a brief description:


This system is great for those who want to grow just a few plants at a time. It supports three plants and has a sleek and compact design. It also has one of the quietest pumps that you can expect a system like this to have.

Bounty Elite

The Bounty Elite indoor garden system supplies up to 9 plants with a full spectrum LED light. It also has one of the largest water bowls on the market, making for some impressive plant yields.


Great for hierbas en crecimiento and leafy greens, Harvest is an indoor garden system you should not overlook. It performs well and is intuitive to use, all while maintaining a relatively affordable price compared to systems of similar caliber.

Harvest Elite

Another popular model, Harvest Elite, is an upgraded version of the original Harvest model. This model includes a reliable stainless-steel exterior that comes in several colors. Like other AeroGarden Models, this one has an intuitive display and features that allow you to set reminders for your plant care routine.

Farm 24 Basic

Great for larger-scale production, Farm 24 Basic is a system that lets you grow as many as 24 plants simultaneously. It includes a customizable light system and can connect to Wi-Fi and smart devices.

With products like that, it is easy to understand why AeroGarden is one of the most well-known brands in the indoor garden system industry. However, knowing a few models will only go so far in helping you understand what AeroGarden can provide. In the next section, we’ll look at a few key features that you can expect to find in most of AeroGarden’s products.

Main Selling Points

Now that you know some of the best AeroGarden products, it’s time to summarize the main benefits of using one. Here are the top-selling points that you should understand about the AeroGarden brand.

  • Many options for seed pods and accessories
  • Sleek and compact designs that fit well in many indoor settings
  • Great user interface to control growing options

Any indoor gardener would appreciate a system that offers that much value. But how does AeroGarden compare to one of its main competitors?

Click and Grow

While there are plenty of reasons to opt for an AeroGarden indoor gardening system, the products that Click and Grow offers are just as worthy of your consideration. Now, let’s see why Click and Grow is as competitive as any other company in the world of indoor gardening.

Is Click and Grow a Hydroponics System?

According to their sales material, Click and Grow is NOT a hydroponic system, but rather an advanced version of hydroponics.

C&G shares a key element with hydroponics in that plants grow in a growth medium, not in common soil. However, C&G is significantly lower maintenance than hydroponics.

Their technology is just like those café capsule machines, but instead of coffee pods, you use biodegradable plant pods. You simply insert the pods into your smart garden, and their patented growth medium called Smart Soil takes care of the rest. The pods contain all the nutrients your plants need for healthy growth, and each one is tailored to fit every plant’s specific needs and growth cycles.

Click and Grow makes it easy for you to grow healthy plants without any fuss. You don’t need to worry about adding fertilizers or monitoring water levels and pH levels – they’ve got you covered. Plus, their self-contained gardens mean there’s no mess with tangled roots in water tanks. This allows you to grow and harvest plants of any size, without worrying that removing an older plant would damage the roots of those that’ll stay growing in the garden. Definitely an improvement over a typical hydroponic system.

Top Products

Let’s now look at a few of the most popular indoor grow systems that come from the Click and Grow company. Each of these products below offers you different features that make for a unique growing experience:

The Smart Garden 3

This system is one that will help even a beginner cultivar hierbas, fruits, and vegetables at any time of the year. What makes that so easy is that The Smart Garden 3 has automated processes that manage watering and light exposure. This system also pairs with an app that will give you insightful guidance on your growing journey.

The Smart Garden 9 Pro

The Smart Garden 9 Pro can accommodate nine plants at once and has a highly effective delivery system that transports the ideal amount of nutrients to your plant’s roots. This system comes with complimentary tomato, basil, and lettuce plant capsules. That way, you can start growing as soon as you open the box.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Pro indoor garden system
Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Pro
The Smart Garden 27

The Smart Garden 27 is a great system for anyone interested in increasing the scale of their indoor garden’s production. This system has three tiers, each of which is large enough to hold a Smart Garden 9. It also has materials and decorative pieces that make it an attractive addition to your indoor living spaces.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 27 indoor garden system
Click and Grow Smart Garden 27
The Click and Grow 25

This system gives you high yields and allows you to plant and harvest your produce continuously so that you have a constant supply for your kitchen. What may be most impressive about this system is that it is both highly space-efficient and energy-efficient.

The Wall Farm

This final product is another fantastic option for anyone who wants to grow a lot of plants. In fact, at full capacity, The Wall Farm can support 51 plants. While this option is on the more costly side, it is well worth the investment if you want to grow a lot of plants in your home.

Click and Grow Wall Farm indoor garden system
Click and Grow Wall Farm

Clearly, Click and Grow has some impressive products that can compete with nearly any other hydroponic system that you can find online. But this company offers value in other ways as well. Read on to learn more about how they create an excellent indoor growing experience for their customers.

Main Selling Points

It’s hard to go wrong with a Click and Grow indoor grow system. And the top reasons why this company is such a good option are:

  • Wider range of products
  • Incredible noise control
  • Intuitive setup and use

With those primary selling points established, let’s move on to a head-to-head review of how Click and Grow and AeroGarden stack up against one another.

AeroGarden vs. Click and Grow Head-to-Head

Now that you are somewhat familiar with these two indoor garden companies, it’s time for a more direct comparison. In the sections below, we’ll cover a few of the most important considerations when choosing an indoor garden system and see how AeroGarden and Click and Grow compare.

Product Quality and Variety

When it comes to indoor garden systems, you want to choose a company that has a reputation for making high-quality products. Fortunately, both AeroGarden and Click and Grow manufacture indoor garden systems that function effectively and have impressive longevity. What gives Click and Grow the edge here is that they simply have a greater variety of products for you to choose from.

Advantage: Click and Grow

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Ease of Set-Up and Use

Both these companies work hard to make their systems easy to set up and use. As such, you’ll find intuitive user interfaces are a feature of both companies’ products. However, it is the quality of the Click and Grow app that makes Click and Grow the winner here.

Advantage: Click and Grow

How the Click and Grow system works
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Design and Appearance

Aesthetics is largely a matter of opinion, but that does not mean it plays no role in your choice of an indoor garden system. On the contrary, the look and feel of your system will influence how willing you are to incorporate it into your home décor scheme. In our opinion, the sleek designs of the Click and Grow models get the advantage in this category.

Advantage: Click and Grow

Pricing and Value

Affordability is a huge motivating factor for many indoor gardeners. In this arena, we give AeroGarden a very slight advantage. However, while pricing is comparable overall between the brands, Click and Grow wins with this 10% off your entire purchase offer (or use WRAXLY10 at checkout).

Advantage: Click and Grow

Customer Support

If indoor gardening is new to you, you’ll want the company that can give you the best support on your growing journey. AeroGarden goes above and beyond here. Their site includes a contact form as well as several helpful resources such as guides, blog posts, and FAQ sections.

Advantage: AeroGarden

And the winner is…

While it was difficult to do so, we have selected a winner of this debate. Our pick between these two great companies is Click and Grow. Our reasoning is that Click and Grow offers a wider variety of indoor garden systems, which means they are better suited to serve a broader range of gardeners. Click and Grow products are also incredibly easy to set up and use right away. Add that to the attractive appearance of Click and Grow Models, and you have a line of products that can serve nearly any grower.

With that said, both these companies have a lot to offer the average indoor gardener. What matters most is understanding the difference between the two and knowing how to pick the model that is right for your needs. Hopefully, after reading this AeroGarden vs. Click and Grow comparison, you are well-prepared to do so.


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